Border Force cops and US Homeland Security agents swarm home in country NSW and arrest suspected ‘firearms dealer’ – as hazmat crews are called in to seize ‘mystery substance’

A man has been arrested over the alleged importation of illegal firearm parts and drug manufacturing equipment in New South Wales. 

The man, 36, wore a black Adidas shirt and dark sunglasses as he was spoken to by the Australian Border Force at a home at South Bathurst just after 6am on Wednesday.

During the search warrant and a customs search a suspicious substance was found inside the home.

Fire and hazmat crews are now at the scene investigating.

The man’s arrest comes after a joint investigation between the New South Wales Police Force, Australian Border Force and United States Homeland Security Investigations.

He is expected to face charges relating to the importing of firearm parts and drug manufacturing equipment into Australia from the US, Hong Kong, China, Germany and Japan. 


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