Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother receives a ‘standing ovation’ at GOP event where guests praised her son for his ‘courage’ as the teenager fights his extradition to Wisconsin to face charges for shooting dead two protesters

  • Wendy Rittenhouse got a ‘standing ovation’ at a Wisconsin GOP event Thursday
  • Her son Kyle, 17, is charged with shooting and killing two protesters and wounding a third on the streets of Kenosha on August 25
  • Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin tweeted a photo at the Republican Women of Waukesha County
  • Malkin ‘shouted out’ Kyle’s legal team and thanked the teenage for his ‘courage’  
  • Rittenhouse, who lives in Illinois, plans to fight his extradition to Wisconsin

The mother of Kenosha gunman Kyle Rittenhouse was given a ‘standing ovation’ at a GOP event in Wisconsin as her son fights extradition to the state where he is charged with shooting dead two protesters.

Wendy Rittenhouse received a warm welcome at a meeting hosted by The Republican Women of Waukesha County in Pewaukee on Thursday. 

Conservative commentator and blogger Michelle Malkin, who attended the event, shared a photo on Twitter alongside the teenager’s mother and her legal team. 

‘Standing ovation from Waukesha County GOP women for my special guests, [John Pierce] & Wendy Rittenhouse, Kyle’s mom,’ she tweeted. 

‘Huge shoutout sent from all of us in WI to warrior [Lin Wood]. I was able to talk to Kyle by phone & THANK HIM for his courage!’

Rittenhouse, 17, is charged with first-degree intentional homicide for killing two protesters, Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, during a night of unrest in Kenosha on August 25. 

He is also charged with wounding a third demonstrator, Gaige Grosskreutz.  

His attorneys have said Rittenhouse acted in self-defense and have portrayed him as a courageous patriot who was exercising his right to bear arms during a night of protests over the police shooting of black man Jacob Blake.  

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, participated in a hearing on Friday at the Lake County Circuit Court in Illinois via video link from the detention facility where he is being held

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, participated in a hearing on Friday at the Lake County Circuit Court in Illinois via video link from the detention facility where he is being held

Joseph Rosenbaum

Anthony Huber

Rittenhouse is charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the killing of two protesters: Joseph Rosenbaum (left) and Anthony Huber (right)

Wendy was applauded by guests after she was introduced at Thursday’s event however, the president of the women’s GOP group said she was not formally invited by the organization.  

Nancy Kormanik told Patch Wendy had attended the meeting after Malkin, who had interviewed her earlier, brought her as a guest.

The attendees had gathered for an event focused on ‘safety and self-defense’, according to the news outlet.

Malkin’s tweet was met with backlash from some users who criticized her for praising a ‘killer’ and a ‘criminal.’ 

‘This is truly a sick world that this kid is being celebrated and his parents are proud,’ Twitter user Michael Fabus said. 

‘Applauding a killer. That’s deranged,’ another tweeted in response.  

Rittenhouse, who was arrested in his hometown of Antioch, participated in a virtual hearing on Friday at the Lake County Circuit Court in Illinois from the detention facility where he is being held. 

Lawyer John Pierce told the judge he planned to fight the request by Kenosha prosecutors that Rittenhouse be transferred to Wisconsin to face charges. 

The judge, Paul Novak, gave 14 days for the defense to review papers and file pleadings ahead of an October 9 hearing. 

Pierce asked for a month to prepare arguments challenging extradition that he said involve ‘issues of some complexity, frankly that have not arisen in the country for some time’.

‘We intend to challenge extradition by writ of habeas corpus,’ Pierce said. 

He didn’t provide further details at the hearing about the basis for the challenge. 

Novak granted two weeks to prepare those arguments. The delay in returning Rittenhouse to Wisconsin is the second in the case. 


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