Coronavirus cases in Britain ARE rising: Official for National Statistics and symptom-tracking app agree there are now more than 3,200 new infections per day and climbing

  • ‘Estimate suggests the number of infections has increased in recent weeks,’ the ONS admitted today
  • ONS predicts that almost 40,000 people are ill with the coronavirus at any time – one in every 1,400 people 
  • King’s College London’s Covid Symptom Tracker app spotted the same trend, which director called ‘worrying’
  • The team behind the app predict that the R rate for the virus is above 1 in every nation of the UK


Statistics experts are now in agreement that the number of people catching the coronavirus in Britain is rising.

The Office for National Statistics today admitted that there is now evidence more and more people are catching the virus in England and Wales.

It now estimates that at least 3,200 people are getting infected each day, with almost 40,000 people carrying the disease at any given time.

This is echoed by data from the Covid Symptom Tracker app, run by King’s College London scientists, which predicts there are 3,610 new cases each day across the whole UK.

The King’s team estimate that the reproduction rate of the virus – the R rate – is now above one in every nation of the UK, meaning the epidemic is growing.

Both sets of data back up concerns raised by a growing number of people testing positive for the virus each day. 

NHS Test & Trace figures showed yesterday that the weekly total of positive tests was up by 43 per cent in a week as at September 2.

Officials have warned that cases are surging among people in their teens and 20s and this is driving infections up across the country. Social distancing rules are being tightened from Monday as ministers fear hospitalisations and deaths will rise next. 


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