It’s one thing to occasionally find it hard to recall some obscure fact or event. It’s something different when things you should know well begin to elude you for a time. If this is happening to someone you love, now may be a tie to look into what the local memory care facilities in Atlanta GA had to offer. Here are some additional signs to consider.

More Frequent Anger and Frustration

One of the things about memory loss that sometime gets overlooked is how frustrating it can be for the person who can’t remember something. As it begins to happen more often, the frustration increases. It may spill out in the form of anger, either at self or those who are close by.

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One of the benefits of being in a memory care facility is that the staff can help the patient calm down and deal with the frustration. This is important, since strong emotions have a way of making it even harder to remember something that’s on the patient’s mind. With careful coaching and spending time with someone who knows what to do, that elusive memory might have a chance of coming through.

Changes in Social Activity

Your loved one used to enjoy having company visit the home. It was also nice to eat out with friends now and then, take in a movie or play, or go to a sporting event. Lately, something has changed; your loved one declines invitations and increasingly spends more time at home alone.

The lapses in memory may be a factor. When the memory seems to go momentarily while with others, it can be embarrassing and certainly frightening. The withdrawal may be a defense against having to deal with this possible occurrence. In a facility, it will be easier to be in a setting where these lapses are addressed while also helping the patient to feel less embarrassed.

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Disregard for Personal Hygiene

Changes in personal hygiene may also be a sign that memory loss is present. It could be that the loved one genuinely thinks that there’s already been a bath or shower today. At other times, it simply does not come to mind at all. While this may not happen every day, it happens often enough that people are beginning to notice.

At memory care facilities in Atlanta GA, professionals understand that personal hygiene is helpful in more than one way. A bath or shower can be good for the mind as well as for cleansing the body. One of the types of support your loved one will receive is help with hygiene every day.

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Difficulty Remembering to Take Medication

Medication is typically prescribed to help manage a health issue. Failure to take the medication could lead to serious consequences. If you notice that your loved one has not taken certain medications for some time, that should be a cause for alarm.

In a facility, the staff will ensure the loved one doesn’t forget to take the medication as prescribed. This is important, since remaining as healthy as possible will make a difference for the emotions as well as the body.

If you think that your loved one may be experience memory issues that are above the norm, schedule a check with a doctor. If memory loss is there and progressing, the doctor can make recommendations of what to do next.

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