Have you ever considered owning a gun or buying one as a gift for a loved one? Probably yes, if you’re a shooting enthusiast and like to sample different types of guns. Unfortunately, getting the right type of ammunition is not easy, and many find it confusing. 

Many people don’t fully understand the different terms used in the firearm world. Ammo is a commonly confused term that makes choosing the appropriate bullet type hard. It is not always easy to match the available bullet with the type of gun you own because there are different types of ammo

Getting the right type of ammunition is vital. You don’t wish to use an improper bullet in your gun and risk injuring yourself, or things can turn fatal to those nearby. Buying ammunition is tricky and daunting if you don’t know where to start. 

The good news? This article will offer an ultimate guide to finding the right ammunition for your favorite gun. Keep reading.

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Tips for Choosing the Correct Ammunition for Your Gun

Before you buy any ammo, consider the following:

Read the Instruction Manual

Clear and easy-to-understand details of the type of ammunition you should use with your firearm are available in the instruction manual. These manuals are also available online on manufacturers’ websites.

Know the Different Types of Ammunition

Because there are various kinds of ammo, know exactly what you’re looking for to get the right piece. Keep the following in mind:

  • Caliber

Know what caliber ammo best suits your gun. It refers to the diameter of the barrel of a gun where the ammo will travel through (measured in millimeters). Most firearms have the caliber marked on the side of the receiver or the barrel.

  • Type of Bullets

You need to know the different types of bullets in the market and what they can do. Here are the common types:

  1. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) – FMJ bullet comes with a soft core of lead covered by tougher alloy metal. This ammunition guarantees a higher penetration rate against any object and is designed to hold their trajectory. The common types of FMJ bullets include FMJ boat tail, FMJ flat nose, and FMJ truncated cone.  
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FMJ bullets are widely used for shooting competitions and target practice because they will not lose speed or accuracy. 

  1. Hollow Point (HP) – These bullets feature an easy-to-distinguish indent or cup-like formation at the tip. They are jacketed in a harder metal or can be lead bullets made from a single material. The mushroom-like outward look makes HP bullets distinguishable once they hit a target.

The expansion after hitting a target helps prevent over-penetration. It’s a feature that helps create the energy needed to incapacitate the target easily. Hollow Point Ammo is widely used for hunting and self-defense.

  1. Soft Point (SP) – In this ammo, a soft lead surrounds the hard jacket leaving an exposed tip. The hard jacket delivers good penetration and will expand once it hits the target. 

Because they are a cross between FMJ and Hollow Point ammo, they leave a large wound cavity on the target. These bullets make an excellent choice for target shooting and hunting.

  • Brand
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These types of bullets are also classified in terms of brands. It’s always advisable to settle for a reputable brand that many customers are well-acquainted with. If you don’t know which ammo brand to choose, research widely, consult firearm experts, and seek recommendations.

  • Price

The cost will vary from one shop to another. Factors that influence the prices of bullets include the type of ammo, caliber, brand, and the popularity of availability of the ammunition. 

Summing Up 

If you’re a shooting, hunting, or target practice enthusiast, the type of ammo you use is crucial. Bullets come in various types and sizes and are designed to work on a specific weapon system. They also come labeled in various manners to help in their identification and prevent the wrong type of ammo from being used inappropriately. You should be considerate when choosing ammunition and pick types that work properly with your gun and meet your needs. 

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