Online gambling has become popular in Canada and beyond over recent years. It is an avenue for both entertainment and big winnings. Many Canadians have tried their hands in the industry with the hope of winning big. Although reaping wins are not guaranteed, there have been large payouts from minuscule deposits or efforts in online casino history. 

Some may say that it is pure luck to land a big win in online casino which may be true since most players lose rather than win. If this inspires you and you believe you might have the luck to land the biggest payout, feel free to sign up to a reputable online casino of your choice and begin playing. Our expert Michelle H. Thomas discusses the seven largest payouts in online casino history.

Lottoland Eurojackpot ($105,121,000)

In June 2018, Christina, a 36-year-old woman from Berlin, was declared the lucky winner of the Eurojackpot. Her life changed from being a cleaner to a multi-millionaire. She was paid by Lottoland Limited, a subsidiary of the Lottoland group which is based in Gibraltar.

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Lottoland group was operating a betting site that allowed users to place bets on lottery outcomes. This is by far the largest payout ever won in the online gambling world, and it is even recorded in the Guinness World Book record.

NetEnt’s Mega Fortune ($23,000,000)

This is another large payout in the history of online gambling. The winner of NetEnt’s Mega Fortune is a Finnish man, and his identity is still anonymous to date.

He used 25 cents to make a spin that made him a multi-millionaire. This is clearly a luck-based win, and it is possible that anyone can get a lucky day by playing at an online casino.

NetEnt Mega Moolah ($17,000,000)

The winner of Mega Moolah was a 26-year-old man, Jonathon Heywood, living in the United Kingdom and who worked as a British soldier.

At the time of his winning, back in 2015, he was playing at an online casino that Betway owns. Jonathon made a 25 pence spin, and just like that, he won $17 Million, making him quite rich at a pretty young age. NetEnt jackpots are quite common in a typical Canadian top paying online casino, as long it is highly-rated by experts. 

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NetEnt’s Mega Fortune ($15,000,000)

Another of the largest payouts ever made was on a Mega Fortune game. The lucky winner was a man from Norway. Although his identity is anonymous, there are reports that he constantly had insomnia and online gambling was his go-to way of passing the time.

The lucky winner was playing at Betsson when he made his big online casino win of about $15 million.

NetEnt’s Mega Moolah ($9,000,000)

A Swedish man was the lucky winner of the Mega Moolah game back in 2015, landing him around 8.5 million euros. This game has a history of earning its players’ major wins, such as the one mentioned above.

NetEnt’s Hall of Gods ($9,000,000)

Like the Mega Moolah, the Hall of Gods game by NetEnt made a Swedish woman some big winnings of $9 million back in 2012. She was playing at Unibet, an online casino, and this was a major win with their service at that time.

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Zodiac Casino ($8,000,000)

The lucky winner of this huge payout by Zodiac Casino was a female who is anonymous but with an alias name of D.P. She played via an iPad and managed to land this win, making it the first and biggest payout ever won on a mobile device. This winner made a spin of $1, resulting in some cool $8 million.

Online casinos have the potential of making big winnings for their players. For risk-takers, there is a threshold of earnings based on one’s luck. For those who want to maintain anonymity, especially after winning, rest assured that most online casinos allow payment in bitcoins, whether it is a deposit or withdrawal transaction. Other payment methods are also available depending on the online casino a player chooses to use.

The above list of the largest payouts ever made reveals that players can earn as much just by participating in online gambling games. Feel free to sign up to an online casino of your choice and stand a chance to be a lucky winner.

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