Today’s career paths are drastically different from the traditional career paths most people are used to following. Traditionally, people had to attend years of school in person in order to get a degree, which then qualified them to get a job. 

Now, technology makes it possible to get a complete education and even start a new career entirely online. Better yet, some careers don’t even require a degree.

If you’re looking for a new career you can launch completely online without setting foot in an institution, here are three options to explore.

Real estate

Did you know that you can get your real estate license online in any state? When you take a real estate broker prep course from RealEstateU, you can complete the entire process online. 

Every U.S. state offers online real estate licensing, and it’s one of the most affordable professional licenses you could ever obtain. For instance, you can get your license in Washington state for less than $170. Other states are even cheaper.  

What can you do with a real estate license?

The obvious reason to become a licensed real estate broker is to earn commissions as a real estate agent either buying or selling homes. This is the most common reason people get licensed, but it’s not the only reason.

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When you get your real estate license, you can also use it to your advantage as a property investor. Normally, when you buy or sell a home, you have to pay a commission to your agent. When you’re licensed, you can act as your own agent in your deals and keep your own commission. You’ll still need to pay the other agent’s commission, but you’ll save plenty of money.

Whether you want to work as a real estate agent or start investing in property, you can get started in your new career entirely online.

Software developer

If you’re more technical minded and you’ve always wanted to build software applications, you can start your career as a software developer online. If you learn well on your own, you’ll have an advantage because most online classes tend to be less of a teaching environment and more of a series of lectures. However, if you need one-on-one assistance, you can always hire a private tutor.

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Software developers earn an average of $50k to $150k per year or more, depending on expertise. Although you can learn from online courses and YouTube videos, you’ll have a better chance at getting a good job when you take your courses through an accredited educational institution. 

Doing this might require you to earn a bachelor’s degree if you don’t already have one. However, it’s worth the time if you’re serious about becoming a developer.

Content writer

Content marketing is a pillar in every digital marketing strategy. There’s no shortage of demand for well-written content, so if you want to pursue this career, you can expect a rewarding future.

You don’t need to leave the house to learn how to write content for websites and blogs. Although, you will need to have a basic grasp on your target language and be able to write well.

Turning content writing into a career is easy once you figure out how to generate a steady stream of clients. You might start out on freelancer marketplaces writing articles for random companies, and then start marketing your services directly to potential clients. There’s no right or wrong way to source your clients. However, you’ll need to do some serious digital marketing to get your leads.

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If you build your relationships, you’ll eventually start working exclusively with certain clients and you’ll be able to charge more for your services as you gain experience and expertise.

The income potential for content writing is huge. Some writers start off making around $40k/year, but many earn close to – and more than – six figures. Your earning potential depends on your clients, your skills, and your confidence.

Start your new career online

These are just a few examples of careers you can start entirely online. There are countless other examples spread out across a variety of industries. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s an online career out there for you.

If the career you want can’t be pursued online, just wait a bit. Tradition is sometimes so ingrained that many people still prefer the traditional route over technology. However, it’s only a matter of time before the old way is completely phased out in favor of the online experience in nearly every industry.

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