Going on another fishing trip anytime soon? Be sure you bring everything you need with this list! 

1. Fishing Rods

For your next fishing trip, let’s start with the basics. Bringing your fishing rod(s) is probably the most obvious necessity for your trip. You won’t be catching much without it. 

2. Reels 

You can bring an assortment of reels to attach to your fishing poles. You can choose which one to use based on where you are fishing and what you are trying to catch.

3. Tackle 

The next and final obvious item to bring is your tackle box. This box should include a wide array of necessary fishing equipment. Here are a few things you may want in it. 

  • Lures
  • Plyers
  • Weights 
  • Hooks 
  • Hook Remover
  • Extra Fishing Line
  • Bait 
  • Bobbers

4. Waterproof Bag 

An item that can be very useful is a waterproof bag. Odds are you’ll want to bring a backpack on this trip. The only problem with that is that it can fall into the water, ruining all of its contents. A waterproof bag will keep your items safe and float on top of the water. 

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5. Sunscreen 

You should bring sunscreen with you anytime you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun. Aside from potentially getting burnt, UV rays can be very harmful to your skin long-term. So, it is best to be protected.  

6. Full Cooler With Ice 

If you plan on spending hours on a boat or dock fishing, you will probably get hungry and thirsty. So, bring a cooler full of ice, food, and beverages like sports drinks, energy drinks, or soda. 

7. Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are always a must to bring on a fishing trip. It is better to have them on an overcast day and not need them than to not have them on a sunny day and miss them. 

8. First Aid Kit

Fishing isn’t necessarily a dangerous activity. However, you never know what may happen out in nature. So, it is a good practice to always keep a first aid kit around on your fishing trips. 

9. Insect Repellent 

If you plan on fishing at a lake or pond in the summer, you will definitely encounter more bugs than you may be able to handle. You will be relieved to have bug spray with you. 

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10. Fishing Apparel 

This may go without saying, but fishing apparel exists because it is great for fishing. It is typically lightweight, blends in with the surroundings, and is comfortable. 

11. Plenty of Water 

Sitting out in the sun for an extended period can be more dehydrating than you might think. You won’t regret packing your cooler full of water. 

12. Overnight Bag 

If you are just going fishing for the day, this one doesn’t apply to you. Many people like to take a weekend trip to go fishing. After all, some of the best catches happen at night and in the morning. So, pack an overnight bag and stay somewhere so you can stay late, get out early, or do both. 

13. Toiletries 

While you are packing your overnight bag, be sure to include your toiletries bag. 

14. Phone Charger 

For most people, the point of going on a fishing trip is to get away from daily living and go off the grid for a day or two. While it is good to do this, you should still keep your phone charged and near you in case of emergencies. 

15. Pocket Knife 

A pocket knife can come in handy on a fishing trip. So, be sure not to leave it at home. 

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16. Camera 

While you are out on the boat. You may want to capture the beauty of nature around you. So bring your camera if you have one. 

17. Swimsuit

When you are all done fishing for the day, you may want to take the evening to sit by the lake and go for a swim, especially if you are out with friends. So, bring your swimsuit just in case. 

18. Pool Floats 

While you’re at it, you might as well pack your pool floats so you can relax in style. 

19. Towels 

If you plan to go swimming, don’t forget to pack your towels so you can dry off after. 

20. Portable Speaker 

Last but not least, the classic portable speaker. You may not want to play this while fishing. But while you are swimming or hanging out at the place you’re staying, it is always nice to have a little background music to enhance the trip. 

The Bottom Line

Fishing trips are a fun way to get out and enjoy nature. Just make sure you bring the supplies you need to have a great and safe time. As long as you check this list while you pack for your next trip, you will be well on your way to enjoying your most successful fishing trip yet.  

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