Residents and businesses are increasingly relying on this setup as contactless delivery becomes the standard, and it is only anticipated to grow in popularity. It’s no wonder that innovative solutions like smart locker systems have gained traction as a handy alternative for both customers and businesses, given recent data showing a significant increase in click-and-collect sales over the previous year.

Alternatively, apartment building owners and occupants may elect to have parcel lockers constructed on their premises to facilitate courier and delivery services.

If you are interested in learning more about the smart locker technology, or in purchasing one for your premises, read this guide to find out on what smart lockers are, which of their superior qualities you should chase, and how to end up with the best smart locker for your needs.

What are Parcel Lockers?

Parcel lockers are an electronic storage and distribution system that includes an integrated purchase, notification, and retrieval system. While they are best recognised for their impact on the fast-food industry, they are also having an impact on other industries today, with retail purchasing being one of the most important.

To utilise a smart locker, all you must do is place your order on the designated platform, which may be accessible through mobile, desktop, or kiosk. The order is sent to the company’s back-end system in a timely manner. After the order is completed, it is automatically assigned to a locker, and the locker’s software programme notifies the consumer through text or email when it is available. The patron can then gain access to the associated locker door and retrieve the order using a unique PIN or QR code.

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Who uses Smart Locker Technology and What for?

Smart lockers have grown in popularity in recent years because of the multiple benefits they give, which include time and cost savings, simpler management, improved customer experience, and value addition, to name a few. Smart Parcel lockers may be customised to fit the demands of a variety of customers, making them applicable to a wide range of sectors and businesses.

Corporate Offices

Organizations may easily entrust the daily operation of collecting, tracking, and delivering commodities to employees to automated systems using Smart Locker Technology, which is otherwise time-consuming and unsustainable in the long run. Smart lockers manage logging deliveries and contacting addressees, reducing the need for postal processing workers.

As a result, mail workers’ time spent delivering packages can be diverted to more productive tasks, saving time, and lowering mail management costs. Disparities are minimised. Smart lockers can also be utilised as a central asset distribution system for ID materials, parking cards, documents, and other items.

Shops, Stores, Restaurants, Businesses

Consumers and clients can benefit from self-service convenience with smart lockers. Customers can place orders without relying on staff, skip the line, and just pick up their items when they’re ready. Face-to-face interaction is reduced but accessibility is increased with this seamless approach.

Customers benefit from contactless lockers’ convenience and security, while businesses benefit from having them in their operations. Furthermore, lockers offer a rapid transaction process that avoids customer experience killers like as large lines, extended wait times, and incorrect orders.

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Homes and Apartments

Residents want their items to be safe and secure while they are being stored. Furthermore, standing in big lines to receive a package during management staff’ duty hours is no longer acceptable. They prefer to pick up their packages whenever they want, with as little human intervention as possible. All of this and more is possible with smart lockers.

Residents can be automatically notified when cargo arrives thanks to smart locker technology. They are given a unique access number to manually enter or a barcode to scan to gain contactless access to their delivery. Most importantly, management personnel are no longer involved, resulting in a labour-hour decrease of up to 24 hours per week.

How Smart Lockers are Improving Last-Mile Delivery

Convenience: Regardless of where you store them, smart lockers keep deliveries, perishables, and gifts cool in even the harshest situations. Due to the added flexibility and convenience, customers can pick up their items later rather than rushing to unpack a package left on their porch.

Room for Flexibility and Choice: Retailers can send a text message to customers when shipments are ready to be picked up at a locker station. As a result, customers can pick up their things whenever it suits them. It gives businesses more control over package delivery by allowing them to set a time limit for parcel availability depending on customer needs.

Ease of Use and Accessibility: Customers can use a QR code or a one-time PIN to open the locker door and retrieve their parcel. Customers can place the return label on the courier and then return it to the locker station after scanning the label. Not only for delivery, but also for returns, this makes things easier. Customers also have more control over when and how their orders are delivered, rather than having to wait for them or risk losing them.

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Reduced Shipping Prices: Rather than squandering money on individual little shipments, eCommerce companies carry packages in bulk to an onsite smart locker station. Customers will no longer have to wait for the mailman to deliver their products.

Enhanced Security: Smart lockers that are automated can assist you in avoiding parcel theft and ensuring that your shipments arrive safely. They not only discourage criminals, but they also ensure that the box is delivered to the correct individual. Only authorised staff with specific access credentials provided to the recipient via a notification have access to these lockers.

Switch to Smart!

In recent years, Smart Lockers have grown in popularity and are quickly becoming a necessity as more people purchase online. As internet shopping has become more popular, so has the number of deliveries made to multifamily, business, and university buildings around the country.

While mail carriers make every effort to deliver materials as quickly as possible, miscommunications between property management and couriers sometimes cause delays. One of the most effective solutions to this problem is the use of parcel lockers. Not only does the powerful system eliminate the need for manual management, reducing the risk of miscommunication, but it also allows for real-time tracking, rapid notifications, and increased flexibility.

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