I have been trading for almost 2 decades give or take a couple of years and it was only recently that I switched to the online trading platform known as TradeTheBit. From my experience trade is the most important profession in the world. Some of the most important systems that drive the world forward include innovation, and trade is the profession that drives innovation. Without trade there would be no exchange of goods between individuals and the economy of the world would ground to a halt. Out of all my years of trading, I had never even thought about abandoning the conventional methods of trading and replacing them with a new system.

For one there was no real competitor to the traditional means of trading. At the beginning of the 21st century, the online trading platform started to pop up but most of these platforms were crudely designed and were not optimized in any sense.  I tried trading online back when they were new to the industry but I eventually gave up on them since none were a suitable replacement for my business back then. However, today technology has evolved to a point where even I have acknowledged that online trading platforms are the future of the trading system.

Now there are thousands of verified trading platforms on the internet. I remember when I decided to give online platforms another go when a friend told me about the benefits of switching to online trading. When I searched for online platforms, I got tens of thousands of trading platforms in my search results but most of them were not even verified by industry regulators and were not registered with the proper authorities. This is why I am writing this review because every industry has some shady side but with this review, you can learn to avoid any such instances and go directly to a platform that is reputed to be trustworthy.

There are a few factors that helped me decide on my platform of choice. I went through a few dozen trading platforms that were registered with regulators. After testing out every one of my shortlisted options, I chose TradeTheBit. The factors that helped me choose are

  • Security
  • Layout
  • Legality
  • Asset
  • Educational resources


I have been trading long enough to know that security is the most important feature in any industry. Protecting your personal and financial details is of utmost importance because if there is even a slight chance of them being compromised then I could risk losing my credibility as a trader. I chose TradeTheBit as my trading platform because of its security features. It has high-level encryption protocols that ensure no external party can access my details. This way my data remains secure under lock and key 24/7 and I can trade with the assurance that my information will not be compromised. Conventional trading methods had a lot of good features but most of them lacked security and those that did have security required expensive payments to maintain it. For TradeTheBit, it is relatively cheaper. After trading on this online platform for some time now, I can say with great certainty that I have never experienced any dilemma regarding security.

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When I first encountered the homepage of TradeTheBit, I was immediately sold to the platform. The in-depth user interface combined with the asset lists was not only entertaining visually, but it was also informative. As a beginner to the online trading system, it was nice to have all the necessary details on the homepage.

As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted it. After I finished doing the necessary research to confirm the reputation of this platform, I clicked on the open account option which was also conveniently placed in the top right corner of the homepage. I normally don’t fall for a platform this easy. I had been searching for the ideal platform for a couple of weeks of snow and none had impressed me so far until TradeTheBit. The colour scheme of the page itself radiated success. I could tell that this platform was cheering for their customers’ success and if I was to become a successful online trader then I would need this platform’s support to get to the top.

Overall, I would say that the layout was appealing and it felt like I was invited to this site instead. I had been searching for weeks to find a suitable platform for myself and to be honest, it felt like I was the one invited to this site and not the other way around. All in all, I am very impressed by this layout and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t part of the factors based on which I finalised my decision. The user experience is good but I think TradeTheBit missed an excellent opportunity to showcase their resources separately as well. It isn’t something one notices but realizes after regular use.

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I knew that TradeTheBit was a legitimate platform not only because of its reputation but also because of the legal terms that are described in detail in their legal section. I for one have been using this platform without having to worry about the legal ramifications since TradeTheBit has made strides to be completely transparent.


TradeTheBit greets you with a list of all the potential assets you can trade with. If that is not the best invitation then I don’t know what is. The assets are in constant motion and are displayed one after the other. I found that online platforms have access to more assets since on top of conventional assets, the online system is also home to many assets that are dependent on the internet as their basis. Without the internet acting as their infrastructure, these assets will not thrive. There is a wide range of assets available for trade on this platform. They include Forex, indices, commodities, currencies and company stocks. The company stocks include some of the largest Fortune 500 companies.

I have been trading rigorously using these assets including forex which has been very beneficial to me. Forex is very hot in the market right now and any platform that puts it at the forefront is the best option for any trader. I just wish they had given me complete access when I first started trading online. The difference is not that significant but it is noticeable.


Another excellent feature that is exclusive to TradeTheBit and why I stayed on TradeTheBit is cryptocurrencies. Crypto is the future of the world’s economy. Without it, online trading might not have developed so quickly. I started trading with crypto with very little experience but I was able to learn fast thanks to the optimized tools available. Many types of cryptocurrencies can be traded as assets on this platform and I have made significant profits from such trades. The only drawback is that TradeTheBit does not offer every cryptocurrency in the world as a tradable asset. While I understand that not every cryptocurrency is capable of being stable enough for trading, it is a missed opportunity to prevent users from trading with them.

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I believe the asset catalogue of this platform is amazing and every trader would be quite impressed by the extra exclusive assets they can have at their disposal for use if they join this platform.


The online trading system is relatively new and even though I am a seasoned trader I did not have any experience with online platforms when I first switched trading systems. For many of the platforms, I tried out before TradeTheBit I had difficulty learning the different types of tools at my disposal. However, TradeTheBit has multiple educational resources that it provides its customers and teaches them how to learn trading with the different types of assets available for trading. The primary sources of educational resources on this platform are e-books and FAQs.


I learned a lot from reading the e-books available on TradeTheBit. It was not only educational but interactive as well. I was able to utilize the different types of assets all thanks to these e-books. The only setback is that I hoped more e-books provided an even more detailed description of the tradable assets.


These are frequently asked questions and I have so much to be grateful for these questions. These are the questions previous beginners have asked the support team. I have saved a lot of time by not having to go to the support team for issues that have already been resolved for someone else. I just wish that they would incorporate more questions every now and then as it gets tiring to keep going over the same ones.

Closing Arguments

Online trading is the future of the trading system and as a satisfied customer, I can say that TradeTheBit Is one of the best things that has happened to me. While there are obvious negatives of this platform just like there are negatives in every industry platform, it is the best option for my trading business and I have no complaint against any of the issues I encountered since most of them were minor and were immediately solved by the support team.


This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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