We use diet when we want to reduce and control the amount of food we eat for any reason; In fact, diet is the name of the process for controlling food. When you are on a diet, you limit your nutrition and adjust your nutrition according to what your body needs; Neither less nor more. In fact, the term minimalism and architecture and interior decoration design in a minimalist style, refers to a kind of regime in the art of architecture. Minimalist architecture relies on limiting the use of elements to achieve the maximum benefits.

Features Minimalist Decoration Style

Proponents of minimalist architecture such as Tadao Ando, ​​Alberto Baisa, and John Pawson sought to use elements of restraint and minimization to highlight the essence of architecture. Minimalist architects value spacious, clean and simple space. According to them, everything that is not used should be removed and only a few essential elements should be left in order to make the most of the available space. The terms “minimalism” and “simplification” are also used to refer to the minimalist style. The main goal of this style is to use the minimum elements to fight against consumerism and luxury.

In fact, minimalism is a massive art and design movement dating back to the twentieth century. Minimalism as a concept has many meanings and applications, not only in architecture, but also in other fields of art and design and even lifestyle. Minimalism, as a movement, emerged in the art world. The term was coined in 1965 by the British philosopher Richard Wolheim and later became a common term.

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However, many believe that “minimalism” is no longer in its original form and has in fact become a luxury and modern product, and today, as a modern style and idea among a variety of interior decoration styles, for home decoration design. It is used and has found many fans. It is interesting to know that today prominent companies such as Apple as well as many graphic designers use the minimalist style and are fans of it.

In recent years, minimalism has become a very popular design philosophy and lifestyle. Minimalist interior design and design focuses on simple design (simplicity of form, space, materials, details and color). Minimalist design like this plant shelf shows how to eliminate imperfections and make the most of the available space.

1. Simplicity in shape and high performance
Many minimalist homes have a simple, clean and efficient design that does not waste space or clutter it up. In such a house, everything is chosen based on the needs of its inhabitants like these plant stands. This simplicity, or better to say, this simplicity, creates clarity and calmness in the exterior architecture and interior decoration of the house. Simple shapes, open functional space, low interior walls, unique and hidden storage spaces and anything that simplifies the space are the prominent features of minimalist designs.

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Simple doors and windows give the building a simple view. In general, in the exterior and interior design of a minimalist house, useless extensions and structures that reduce the space are not used. The practicality and efficiency of the house are more important than anything else in this style. In all the photos of a minimalist house, simplicity and efficiency are the most prominent aspects that can be seen.

2. Simple coatings and colors and uncomplicated designs for walls
Another feature of the minimalist decoration style is the simple design with no wall design or at least minimal design. The presence of simple walls creates a sense of calm in the house. In choosing the color of the walls, light colors, especially white in the minimalist style, are more important. The use of bright colors makes the space look wider and more open, and at the same time instills a sense of cleanliness in the viewer. This does not mean that colors other than white have no place in the minimalist style.

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Clean, open and bright space
The use of natural light is part of the concept of a minimalist home. Would you like to reduce the carbon footprint of your home and save on heating and lighting costs? Do not block natural light and enjoy it! This is exactly why many minimalist homes have large windows or large solar panels.

With increasing population and devastating environmental effects, minimalist homes are a good and efficient solution for people who respect the environment and want to protect it. By adopting a minimalist lifestyle, you can in turn play an important and effective role in protecting the environment. The presence of large windows, good skylights, and bright space is another feature of the minimalist decoration style.

Simple details and avoid extra decorative accessories
Another feature of the minimalist decoration style is the use of important and basic elements and avoiding unnecessary details. In this style, the choice of elements is based on accuracy and nothing is exaggerated. Minimalist style is not very luxurious and few decorative tiered plant stands can be seen in minimalist houses; For example, only one or two paintings or a vase are used to decorate the interior, and there is no glittering decorative accessories and golden sculptures, and it is a kind of secluded house.

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