Have you been enjoying CBD oil in the form of capsules and tinctures? Most people use these common delivery methods, but did you know there are several more interesting ways to get your CBD?

If you like being adventurous, here are some new delivery methods to try the next time you shop for CBD.

1. CBD-infused personal lubricant

You’ve probably seen or used topical CBD creams or salves. These options are great because topical delivery is ideal when you need a localized effect. Now, there’s a new way to get a localized effect: CBD personal lubricant.

With CBD personal lubricant, you can deliver all the topical benefits of cannabidiol right where you need it during your most intimate moments.


·  Easy to use. Lubricant is easy to use. Just squeeze the bottle and use what you need.

·  Flavors. Some products come in different flavors, including vanilla.

·  Enhanced sexual pleasure. Many people say using CBD personal lubricant enhances their sexual experiences.


·  Some people prefer water-based lubricants. Some lubricants are oil-based, which feel different than water-based products. However, it’s all up to personal taste.

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2. CBD suppositories

Did you know that CBD can be delivered as a suppository? It’s true. Suppositories are a common way to deliver various medications, so it’s not that surprising that someone came up with the idea of CBD suppositories.


·  Fast delivery. Suppositories quickly deliver their medication.


·  Awkwardness. If you’re not used to inserting suppositories, it can be an interesting experience. However, if you don’t mind trying new things, it doesn’t take long to learn and the awkwardness won’t last forever.

·  Localized relief. While you might get some stress relief from suppositories, it’s more of a localized effect.

3. CBD-infused clothing

Several manufacturers are making clothing infused with cannabidiol. The idea is that as you wear the clothing, the CBD gets topically absorbed into your bloodstream.


·  You’ll have a long-lasting product. Although manufacturers claim you can wash CBD-infused clothing up to 40 times without washing it out, it’s hard to say if that’s really the case. Either way, clothing will still be useful after the CBD has worn off.


·  It’s expensive. Some clothing will cost as much as expensive, name-brand items.

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·  It’s unproven scientifically. Although people report benefits, it’s all anecdotal evidence at this point. Clinical trials need to be run to determine whether or not CBD-infused clothing works as claimed.

4. CBD potato chips

These days, CBD can be added to any food, not just gummy candy. Potato chips are one of the more unique foods that contain cannabidiol.


·  Who doesn’t love potato chips? It’s fun to combine CBD with a tasty snack.

·  It’s easy. Unlike preparing a tincture, eating potato chips doesn’t take much work.


·  It’s expensive. Since the CBD has been added to chips, you’ll pay a premium for this type of product.

·  The flavor might not be great. Depending on the product, you might not like the flavor. If you don’t like it, you can’t return it.

5. CBD-infused beverages

For those who prefer sticking to traditional delivery methods, CBD-infused beverages can seem like a real treat.


·  Large variety of flavors. CBD-infused beverages come in a variety of flavors made by plenty of brands, so you’ll never get bored. There are sodas, energy drinks, lemonades, juices, and more.

·  Easy to consume. You can take a drink with you anywhere in your bag, pocket, or purse. When you need your CBD, all you have to do is crack open your drink.

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·  Sugar. A high sugar content is the biggest downside to most CBD-infused beverages. If you’re trying to avoid or limit sugar, these drinks will be more of an occasional treat than a staple.

·  You can’t return it if you don’t like it. You can’t return any CBD food or beverage product if you don’t like the flavor. Some retail stores might have a blanket return policy that includes opened food items. However, CBD products are unlikely to be included because the store won’t get credit from their supplier.

·  They’re expensive to test out. Considering the risk that you might not like the beverage you choose, these items can be expensive. When trying new drinks and flavors, buy one at a time. When you find flavors you enjoy, stick to those. If you’re extremely picky and can’t seem to find a good flavor, stick to other delivery methods.

Feeling adventurous? Try something new

Next time you shop for CBD, be adventurous and try a new product. It’s always good to have new experiences.

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