If you believe in the right of self-defense, you may show your pro-gun attitude by having a concealed carry permit, attending gun shows, and even wearing pro-Second Amendment apparel

These choices are your right as a citizen, but it’s vital not to fall for some of the common concealed carry myths mentioned below. If you do, you may risk being prosecuted and could put yourself in danger. 


Carrying A Gun Is Enough

Attending and passing a concealed carry class is enough to give you the ability to carry a gun legally. Still, it won’t make you effective in using your carry piece in a high-stress, self-defense situation. 

When your life is in danger, your body will produce a jolt of adrenaline, and you’ll probably feel fear. These factors can make it challenging to draw and aim your gun, let alone fire it accurately. 

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That is why it’s vital for everyone who carries concealed to have enough defensive firearm training. You should be so practiced at drawing and firing your weapon accurately that you can do it at a moment’s notice under duress. 

Also, note that some states have recently passed ‘Constitutional carry’ laws that make it legal to carry a handgun openly or concealed without a permit or training. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend defensive firearm classes. You know how to draw and shoot your weapon when it counts. 

Your Car Is Like Your Home

We have the right to defend ourselves from injury or death anywhere, including in our vehicles. But there are many laws regarding weapons in cars that are different from those applying to our homes. 

These laws often change when you go over state lines, so you should review your state laws for carrying a gun openly or concealed in your car. Remember, you have the right to self-defense, but you are required to know your local laws.

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Your Handgun Will Go Off If You Drop It

The essential thing to learn when you take gun classes is gun safety. You must remember to treat every gun like it’s loaded at all times. And handling a firearm safely is essential, whether you’re carrying, shooting, or cleaning it. 

That said, there is a myth that if you make a mistake and drop a loaded gun, it will go off. Of course, you shouldn’t be in a situation where that happens, but if it does, it’s doubtful that the gun will fire. 

Almost all new guns on the market undergo thorough drop testing to ensure that they won’t go off if dropped. However, an old weapon with older technology may fire if dropped. Still, it’s a rare situation. 

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Shooting Guns Is Unsafe

People who aren’t accustomed to firing guns at gun ranges may think these businesses are unsafe. The truth is they are some of the safest places to go in the country, whether you’re shooting your concealed carry piece or another firearm. 

Professional gun ranges are highly safe when you consider how many firearms are shot there every day. In addition, gun ranges are usually attended by trained firearms professionals and law enforcement who know about guns and how to use them safely. 

If you ever do go to a gun range and are inexperienced, that’s okay. But you should talk to employees at the gun range before you start shooting. They’ll give you all the instructions you need to ensure that you enjoy shooting safely. 

Please remember the myths above if you are planning to buy and fire a weapon for personal protection. 

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