Many may not be aware of it, but face masks pre-covid were said to be worn to reduce respiratory infection’s spread. Although, this was controversial; and no one believed it. During this covid time, when the situation got too critical, data has proved that wearing masks is essential and reduces the covid spread. This is majorly in cases to stop the spread from an infected person. Everyone must be looking to buy face masks in Australia these days for maintaining safety.

How does coronavirus spread?

When a person talks, sneezes, breathes, coughs or sings, respiratory droplets called aerosols are formed in the air. Now, these droplets remain in the air and can transmit the virus around. Masks help to filter these droplets from the air one is inhaling. Not all cloth masks are safe and will stop the spread of coronavirus. 

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Different kinds of masks and how they function:

1. Medical masks: These are also known as surgical masks. These are disposable masks that have loose-fitting. These masks protect one from respiratory droplets that may contain germs. This also helps filter away the big particles present in the air when someone breathes in. People usually tie a knot near the ear loop to better fit the surgical masks. 

2. N95 masks offer more protection than surgical masks and act like a respirator. These are primarily made for health care providers by the Australian government. Well, these masks are supposed to be tested for fit before wearing. These makes are also disposable. There is research in Australia on reusing these masks by disinfecting them. Since these are respiratory, breathing through these is more accessible, but it does not filter the air blown out from one’s mouth. Due to this reason, these masks have been banned in several places.

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3. Cloth masks: These masks confine the droplets that one breathes out while talking, sneezing, or doing any other activity. This is also a protection that prevents one from inhaling impure air. Cotton is an ideal fabric for masks. An excellent layered cover protects droplets from entering one’s mouth.

The benefit of these masks can be enhanced. Now, one must be wondering how. Well, for that, the face mask should fit the face contours correctly to avoid impure air entering. It should have a snug fit near the nose, mouth, and chin. One shouldn’t have any gaps between the masks. Another thing is that wearing masks doesn’t make social distancing an option. One must properly wear a mask in public places for their protection and safety and maintain social distancing.

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Is it compulsory for one to wear a mask even if they are vaccinated?

One might be thinking that why would they wear a mask if they are fully vaccinated? Well, the answer is yes. It is evident that after getting vaccinated, one would be more comfortable with public gatherings and going out, but wearing a mask is essential. No one wants covid to spread more. The impurities from one’s act can contaminate the air, and others also might have a problem. So, until and unless the situation gets a little more in control, it is suggested for one to keep wearing masks in public.

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