Singapore Airlines has proved it is one of the world’s top airlines. It provides the best airline service for various destinations worldwide. It started as part of the regional budget airline and became one of the airways regarding the facilities offered. Singapore airlines have flown innumerable passengers since its inception. With excellent infrastructure, facilities, and ticketing pricing, it has been a trendsetter for many airlines. 

History of Singapore Airlines

In 1947, Singapore Airlines launched with the establishment of Malayan Airways Limited and started its flight operations. Singapore Airlines has grown gradually to become the best airline. In 1966, Singapore separated from the federation, and the airline’s name became Malaysian Singapore Airlines. The airline’s fleet and routes witnessed a massive expansion the following year. Now, it has been serving the best airway service to people worldwide. 

Singapore Airlines fleet

Singapore Airlines’ fleet contains various Airbus and Boeing model aircraft. According to the latest estimates, it has about 114 aircraft to serve the people. Singapore Airlines has the most modern and wide-body aircraft compared to other airlines worldwide. Therefore, it assures convenience and comfortable flight travel for travelers. In addition, the fleet is accommodated with all the modern amenities and facilities to give the best traveling experience. Furthermore, the fleets are fuel efficient, and thus Singapore Airlines gets the chance to provide the tickets at the cheapest rate without compromising comfort. Regarding aircraft and inflight services, Singapore Airlines has obtained positive reviews. 

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Destinations Singapore Airlines serve

Singapore Airlines operates flights to 32 countries situated on five continents. But, it serves more destinations in Australia and India than other countries. The airline also serves countries such as the USA, France, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Bangladesh, and much more. Passengers can travel to up to 62 destinations, including seasonal destinations, through Singapore airlines. You can check the official site of Singapore Airlines to get in-depth details about its serving destination. In addition, Singapore airlines have codeshare agreements with different airlines to expand its operation. It includes Asiana airlines, Air India, United Airlines, and Air China.

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Significant services of the Singapore Airlines


Singapore Airlines has become the best airline in the world for offering five different travel classes. It helps the travelers to choose the cabin suitable for their needs and budget. It also renders flexibility to anyone who can travel by air. Regarding travel class, passengers can enjoy a vast choice. Passengers can book business class, first class, economy class, premium economy class, and suites. Every travel class has its specific set of facilities and comforts. Therefore, it guarantees a luxurious and sophisticated travel experience. But, premium economy class is the most popular one on Singapore Airlines. 

Special assistance 

Singapore Airlines offers special assistance to passengers traveling with infants/pets, disabled, unaccompanied minors, and pregnant. It encourages all sorts of passengers to travel on Singapore Airlines without hesitation. Additionally, all the aircraft are equipped with a wheelchair to help disabled passengers to and from the lavatory. Passengers can check the airline’s official site to seek such assistance.


High-quality and tasty food made using fresh ingredients is served for all the travel classes. Top and experienced chefs prepare the meals to serve the passengers. So, passengers need not worry about the food quality and enjoy traveling while eating the tasty food. Additionally, the airline can request special meals according to their medical needs, dietary, or religion. But, you should do it before 24 hours of your flight. 

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Inflight entertainment 

Singapore Airlines uses Krisworld as the inflight entertainment system. It renders the passengers a wide range of movies, TV shows, games, and other programs to watch on the widescreen LCD TV screen. It also allows access to the internet, make calls and send messages. 

Luggage allowance

Allow passengers of Business, Suites, and First travel classes to bring luggage that does not exceed more than 7kg each. Upon booking an economy and Premium Economy class ticket, you can carry baggage of not more than 7kg. Check the airline’s site for details regarding the restricted items, non-standard luggage, checked baggage, and others. 

Besides, Singapore Airlines provides numerous services such as lounges and mobile apps to make your travel hassle-free. 

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