My Trading College: Introduction

Learning has always been a big part of my life. Two years ago, when I started getting interested in the trading world, specifically CFDs and Forex trading, I had no real source of education. It is very obvious that anyone who wants to get into trading needs to first and foremost learn what trading is. It is a whole other world with its own understanding and language. It is a lesson, fortunately, learned very early on when I started trading that no one can succeed without having the proper knowledge, technique, and up to date strategies regarding the sort of trading they want to do.

I heard a lot of my friends talking about trading this or that and what broke they were using, or from where they were getting to learn all these new strategies and techniques. I decided to get on the bandwagon and start trading. I knew I would need a lot of help so I asked around to know where I could get a certain book or a course pack that could help me learn everything there is to know about trading. A friend recommended me to MyTradingCollege. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to find a course pack that would benefit me since I know next to nothing about trading. But when I went to the site, I found out that they are offering a range of courses for all types of people. It put me so much at ease. The best thing and what I was hoping to find was less fee for the courses.

And indeed, the MyTradingCollege course fee is probably the lowest form all other course packs that I searched so far. I realized that I had to go through a lot just to learn the basics of trading, so I wanted to write a review on MyTradingCollege which helped immensely and assisted me in becoming a successful trader. This review will be helpful for people who are looking for authentic instructions and material on trading. No matter if you have some experience or none at all you will be able to learn something new from the courses offered by MyTradingCollege.

My Trading College: What do the courses offer?

First off, it is important that every single person who is turning their heads towards trading, to learn about what they are getting themselves into. The trading world is a very risky place. Without accurate knowledge and skill, you are liable to lose a lot of money. Often people assume that since everyone is trading these days so they can get on the bandwagon too. But it is not that simple or easy. You can’t survive without a proper education. So, it is better to educate yourself first and start on this venture of trading with a winning strategy that is bound to get you some profits.

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When I first heard of MyTradingCollege my only concern was if the course they offered would be in lingo that I would be able to understand. And I have to say I am very impressed. Firstly, the platform is teaching you about CFD and Forex trading. They tell you every single thing and terminology that you need to know to get started. I am so glad that before I started trading I went to MyTradingCollege and learned the basics and strategies. The courses taught me about forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, blockchain, ETF, Dividend, Bull vs Bear markets, and market analysis, etc.

Since I was a beginner, I decided to go for the basic level course called ‘Lite’ for 250 Euros. Mind you, they offer two other courses for intermediate level (Plus) and expert level (Pro) traders. So, I started with the ‘Lite’ course and once I was done with it, I went up to get both ‘Plus’ and ‘Pro’. The reason I opted for the rest of the courses was that I was genuinely learning something and making progress with my trades.

My Trading College

Let me first tell you about the ‘Lite’ course. The course offers the following.

·        Trading Signals.

·        Glossary.

·        Economic Calendar.

·        90 minutes of easy-to-follow Videos.

·        130 pages of action-packed eBooks.

This course gave me so much confidence in myself to trade and take risks. It basically covers all the crucial information that you should know about forex trading and CFD trading. I learned basic terms and strategies for types of orders and trading platforms.

My Trading College: How the course helped me

The beginner level course ‘Lite’ Helped me learn all the basics about the trading world. I mean it truly gave me the confidence to be able to talk about trading in front of my friends. And then they taught me about all the different tools that most trading platforms have to help you analyze your trade. The Lite course is basically giving you an understanding of what trade is and how you can be a part of it. Having the confidence to trade is very important because a scared, anxious, and inexperienced trader is always going to lose the many instead of making profits. This is why education is a big part of the trading world. You are only making a fool of yourself if you don’t know how to trade with complete knowledge regarding the strategies and techniques. And honestly, no one will help you in this matter as you need professional education. MyTradingCollege presented me with the perfect opportunity to get my trading knowledge better. Since I was struggling to get the right platform and the right ways to trade on certain assets, I needed to learn something solid that would help me improve. MyTradingCollege is made for expert traders and beginners too.

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The second intermediate level course ‘Pus’ Focuses on teaching you the psychology of trading and how to get the ideal mindset of a successful trader. Now, I noticed that the course is more in-depth with the instruction material. It goes deeper into the trading world. Trading psychology is very important, so the instructive material is specifically made to teach to think like a trader. The videos are more intense with information and strategies to opt for. They also cover a whole of other things like the Asset Trends and how to study that to your benefit. To think like a trader, you need to do daily analysis for practice and this course teaches you how to be active about that. The advanced trading eBooks are more engaging in this course. It is because the information provided is deeper, so the authors have kept the language and tone easy to read and grasp.

academy of trading

I was able to complete the two courses mentioned above in around 2 weeks. It was easy to learn and apply my practices and then I decided to get some more information on an advanced level. In this third and final course ‘Pro’ you make real progress. I am so grateful that I chose to study all three courses. In this course specifically, all the information about trading is provided on an advanced level. So, it might be difficult if a beginner level trader who doesn’t know anything about trading and the lingo of the trading world would definitely find the ‘Pro’ course difficult to understand. So, this course covers All the advanced lessons, In-depth Laws of Economics, Basic and Advanced Technical Analysis, Professional Trading Strategies, a Complete List of Trading terms, All Trading Tools, and finally the Trading Signals. So, go ahead if you are a professional trader this course will help you with new strategies and maybe will refresh your knowledge. I learned a lot from this course and right after this course when I made my trade on Forex, I was able to get a great profit.

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My Trading College: Customer Service

The customer service is very well established which is why they are able to help out a lot of people all at once. When I contacted the administration, they told me all about their courses in detail. They also gave me some tips as to which course would best fit my knowledge and how I could benefit the most from them. The administration showed me that they knew what they were talking about. The details they told me about the courses were so specific that only people who have gone through the course would know about it. I really believe that they are an amazing and capable platform that is providing a great way to learn about trading. You will never be able to get the accurate, summed-up version of all that there is to trading even from your closest friend. Instead, you will be helping your friends with their trading ventures.

My Trading College: Last Comments

I honestly learned a lot from MyTradingCollege and I really don’t have anything to complain about. I am just so grateful that I got the hang of this site before I made any big trades which would have caused huge losses. These courses are great for beginners and experts. I have already asked my friends and family to see if these courses would help them and they have thanked me in advance for such a great place where they can learn new things about trading. 

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