With almost 500 hours of video uploaded every minute, live streams are a great opportunity to protrude from the crowd. And drive the target audience from the crowd. YouTube live streaming—popularly known simply as YouTube Live—is an opportunity to reach your target audience.

What Is YouTubeLive Streaming?

YouTubeLive streaming is an authoritative technique to increase engagement from the audience and personalize your memorandum in an exclusive way. It’s a modest process with less or no editing required, and a reliable way that helps to develop your YouTube channel by providing successful results. In today’s video-oriented, modern world, YouTube live streaming ASC 842 software has proven to be predominantly valuable for industries.

According to Troy Evans at Moz, “We’ve known for some time now that a live broadcast will often produce a significant increase in viewership.”

Many Youtubers buy YouTube subscribers to promote their rankings, engagement, reach, traffic and watch-time. If you wonder, do YouTube live streams count as watch time? The answer is yes! They do. Now let us answer important questions.

How to enable live streaming on YouTube

To enable live stream, you need to have a verified YouTube channel with no live streaming restrictions in the past 90 days. Click here,http://www.youtube.com/verify to kick start the verification process. Select the primary recording option for YouTube streaming that’s greatest for achieving your target goal.

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How to stream on YouTube from PC

The simplest way to live stream on YouTube is straight from your web browser using a built-in or exterior USB webcam. A webcam can help you share your thoughts and engage with your audience in real-time using YouTube live even if you don’t have 1000 subscribers.

Step 1-Log into your YouTube account.Click on “Create a video or post” button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2-Select “Go Live” from the drop-down menu.

If prompted, give YouTube and your browser any required permissions for live streaming (i.e., camera, microphone).

Step 3- Include live a title, select a privacy setting (public, private, or unlisted), and choose whether you’d like to live stream now or schedule an event for later.

Step 4– Head to “Advanced settings” to toggle chat and age restriction.

Step 5– Press “Next” and include a thumbnail image.

Step 6– Hit “Go live.”

Voila, you are live!Recall to press “End Stream” when you’re finished. You can manage on-going, scheduled, and past live streams using the “Manage” tab in the Live Control Room.

How to live stream on YouTube from phone

Using a mobile phone to live stream is the best option for vlogging and providing-instantaneous updates from your android phone or tablet. To go live on YouTubefrom mobile phone you need at least 1,000 subscribers and an android phone or tablet with a camera.

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Step 1– Login to your the YouTube app.Then press the camera icon in the top-right corner.

Step 2-Allow the permissions YouTube wants for live streaming (camera, microphone, photos, storage).

Step 3-Select “Go live.”

Step 4-Select to record with your phone’s camera.

Step 5-Set a title and a thumbnail image for your stream.

Step 6– You can click on “More options” to add a description, clasp live chat and monetization (if you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours), set an age restriction, arrange privacy settings, a schedule a time for your live stream if you want to.

Step 7-Hit “Go live.”

Hit “Finish” when you are done, and then “OK” to end the stream.

How to live stream on YouTube using encoder

Encoders help you stream gameplay, overlays and use hardware like preamps, mics, and cameras. This type of stream is frequently used for gaming, sporting events, campaigns, concerts, sessions and conferences.

You can use YouTube live streaming software, likeOpen Broadcaster Software (OBS), XSplit and Wirecast

Step 1-Download and install a streaming software.

Step 2-On YouTube, click the “Create a video or post” button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 3 -Click “Go live.”

Step 4-In the YouTube Live Control Room, click on “Stream” Step 5 Include a title for your stream, select privacy settings, add a description, and upload a thumbnail image.

Step 5- You can schedule your live stream for later also.

What are the benefits of live streaming on YouTube?

By utilizing live streams, you can broaden your social media reach, drive a huge audience and give your followers a unique glimpse into your company, personality or event.

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Here are a few strategies that you can leverage to promote your live streaming video content strategy to get more live stream viewers.

Strategy#1 Generate excitement for your live stream

Promote your live stream by generating eagerness among your target audience. Post about the live stream on your blog and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. You can send e-mails to your existing subscribers. You can also, run paid advertisements to influence your email list or social media following.

Strategy#2 Include attractive titles, descriptions and thumbnail

Select a captivating title, to tell what viewers can expect. Add the relevant keywords in your title. Then add an irresistible description, with long-tail keywords, link to a website, social media channels and URL to directly subscribe to your channel. You must add a compelling thumbnail image to your videos to increase click-through rates.

Strategy#3Release a teaser to motivate viewership

Make a teaser like a TV show and movie. You can include the time and date of your broadcast in these teasers. You can also include a registration link or a way to sign up for email reminders.

I hope you understood well, the concept of live streaming on YouTube using different modes and strategies to promote the live content on your YouTube channel. Feel free to share! For More info

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