Construction is, statistically, among the most dangerous professions in the world. Construction site supervisors and other relevant parties must take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of their workers. Those who are injured at construction sites should also strongly consider working with attorneys to protect their rights when seeking compensation for their injuries, lost wages, and related losses.

There are many steps a construction site supervisor can take to optimize worker safety. The specific steps they may take can, to some extent, vary depending on the exact nature of the work being done. In general, though, they should always keep the following essential safety tips in mind:

Prioritize Equipment Maintenance

Virtually all construction company owners and managers understand that one of the easiest and most effective ways they can keep their workers out of harm’s way is to provide them with all necessary safety equipment. However, even supervisors who appreciate the importance of this step may nevertheless overlook the importance of maintaining said equipment.

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All construction company owners and team leaders should research both OSHA and manufacturer suggestions regarding how to maintain their equipment and how often they should inspect it for signs of damage. Adhering to a basic maintenance plan will guard against accidents resulting from safety equipment failure.

Encourage Workers to Cover Their Skin

Construction workers are often tempted to wear short-sleeves and other clothing that leaves their skin exposed. On hot days, this can be an easy means of staying comfortable at work.

However, it’s much safer for workers to simply take breaks when the heat begins to impact their comfort. For various reasons, when a person’s skin is exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time, they’re more likely to become fatigued. Naturally, a fatigued worker at a construction site has a greater chance of being harmed in an accident than a worker who’s alert.

Many people don’t realize that exposing their skin to direct sunlight for hours at a time can cause fatigue. Thus, while a construction crew’s supervisor may not require workers to cover up their skin at all times, they can at least share this information to encourage workers to cover up.

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People stretch or perform basic warm up exercises before working out because, among other reasons, doing so reduces the risk of being injured.

Construction teams should keep this in mind when preparing for work. Construction tasks can be just as physically demanding as some fitness routines. Warming up before such tasks the same way one might warm up before going for a run or lifting weights is thus a smart way to promote safety. Supervisors can encourage warming up by making it a standard element of preparing for work at a site.

Provide Nutrition

Just as a construction crew’s leader may not be able to exercise absolute control over what their employees wear on-the-job, they also can’t necessarily prohibit employees from eating certain foods or drinking certain beverages.

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However, it’s important to understand that drinking carbonated beverages and even energy drinks can actually cause workers to become fatigued over the course of the day, as they don’t offer the same hydrating benefits as water. Carb-heavy foods can also result in drowsiness and mental fog. When workers drink these beverages and consume these foods, their chances of being injured increase.

That’s why construction companies should provide their workers with water and some basic nutritious food options at job sites. Employees are more likely to make smart choices when deciding what to eat and drink if they have easy access to better options.

Again, none of these tips are meant to replace essential safety procedures, such as putting up danger signs in key areas, training workers properly, and following OSHA guidelines. These are simply a few construction safety tips that are easy to overlook. 

If you work in this industry, applying them will help you and those with whom you work avoid accidents.

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