As a trader, you are always looking for new ways to keep up with the fast-paced world market. The current state of the market requires you to be on your toes, which is why online brokerage companies today strive to provide the best of features to their clients. When you have so many different options available, it becomes difficult to make a decision, which is why it is imperative for traders to know their requirements before making a choice. The competition is tough among these online trading platforms, but the assessment of trade requirements is even tougher.

Traders start out as neophytes trying their hand in the market casino hoping to hit the jackpot but they don’t realise that it takes time and experience to build a certain momentum which will, in the end, provide you with a stable source of income upon sound investment. The know-how of the market scene is essential in that regard, for it will help you assess your positions accordingly. Online trading platforms make it easier for traders by allotting deals that make the buy and sell process a whole lot easier.

When it comes to choosing a reliable trading platform, you need to assess its credibility by evaluating its trade operations. I came across Bitteks while I was surveying through the new trading platforms available in the market. I was apprehensive at first, but then decided to give this platform a chance. I have been associated with this platform for a little over a year now and decided to review its characteristic service features.

Landing Page

The first page that you will be directed to when you access the Bitteks server is the landing page. The page has a dark backdrop which was not very appealing for me as I prefer lighter tones. Other than that, the service features included the option to open an account and redirection to various other related pages such as Trading platform, Education and Information. I wasn’t a fan of the graphics as I found them to be a little overbearing to the content. Also, the option for a live chat on the bottom right corner is not designed to be very interactive. I feel like they could have done more with the colour scheme of the page. Not only that, but they also do not provide an option for a tutorial which could help new traders understand what the platform is all about.

Bitteks Landing Page

The options to access service information are readily available, as the platform is very straightforward in that regard. The date and time are updated on the top right corner along with the language selection options. As this is a web-based platform, you can easily access it from any electronic device that can work a stable internet connection. So whether you are looking to trade from your laptop or smartphone, you will easily be able to do so. The mobile browser, however, has a much more compact version of the site. So, you do not have the options for language selection and date and time right there. You will be required to search for them by clicking on the pop-up panel. The language selection options are limited as you have the availability of only one language and that is English.

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Trading Platform

Bitteks takes into account successful trading for all its clients, which is why it has optimized state-of-the-art features for effective trade. By providing premium trading conditions such as lightning-fast order execution, ultra-tight spreads and worldwide 24/5 support, this platform is well on its way to set a niche for itself in the global market. The trading platform is equipped to cater to the needs of all types of traders with endless trading and investment opportunities.

The first thing that I assess when it comes to trading is the chart because this is from where you will be assessing the trading scene. I find that charts really help illustrate the state of the global market and the fact that Bitteks allows its clients to custom set the chart features, which makes it even easier. Now traders can choose the chart type according to their own preference from the available options of Line, Spline, Candlestick, OHLC, and Scatter. I have always preferred the Spline chart, for it helps me make better evaluations regarding the current trade scene. So, even if the default setting for the chart was set to Candlestick, I was still able to custom set it to my preference of Spline chart type.

Bitteks Trading Platform

From the chart intervals to the chart indicators, you have various options in the custom setting panel. You can also zoom in and out using the option available on the panel. I was a little disappointed with some spelling errors in the chart indicator settings, as it does not reflect well on the platform. While they manage to resource almost all common indicators from Aroon Oscillators to Pivot points, I did not find the colour scheme very appealing. The red and green colouration seemed a little too redundant on the page, and I was hoping they would give options to introduce a newer range of colours based upon personal preference.

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Bitteks allows you to trade over 200 assets in the top popular categories of Stocks, Commodities, Cryptos, Currencies and Indices. I did not find their collection of Cryptocurrency that enticing and am hoping that the platform is able to welcome the latest collections soon. Other than that, there are unlimited opportunities that the platform presents to all its customers with the next-generation technology paving the way for efficient trading.


I take great interest in learning about trade and feel like that no amount of knowledge is complete, especially when it comes to staying relevant in the market. This is because the market is ever changing and provides endless possibilities at hand to traders. Bitteks takes the learning style of traders into consideration while laying out its information resources. If you are someone who likes to read about trading, you will find the eBooks section very useful. However, if you aren’t much of a reader, then you can quickly assess certain information in the FAQ section.

You will notice that each section is lined with the best of information and all of it is centralized under education for clients. They no longer have to do extensive research to find trade-related information. There are 12 eBooks and 5 categories of FAQs which include Funding, Opening Account, Platform, Support and Trading. While each information is up to the mark, I was a little disappointed when I was done going through it all. I am hoping that the platform introduces newer books to add to its astounding collection, as this will really help traders like me grow.

Bitteks Education

Other than these two sections, Bitteks has two assortments of lists which include the Glossary and the Asset Index. The glossary is one list I enjoy running through every once in a while as it helps me brush up on my trade terminologies. The asset index on the hand allows you to assess the trade hours and expiry rule of the over 200 tradable assets available on the platform. I did notice that some assets had more information apart from the trade hours and expiry rule. The reasons for this selective information were not evident even though I appreciated knowing the annual sales of certain companies.

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Customer Service

When you are using trading platforms, it is imperative that you assess their customer care. You see, this will help you interpret their regard for their clients. Bitteks takes this seriously into account, which is why they offer a range of communication options to their clients. Their clients can easily reach them through a phone line, live chat or email service. Each of these methods is just as effective to get your point across-whether it is a query or feedback.

The service operators are quite efficient, and they make sure to accommodate all customer requests. Being brokers themselves, they have experience in the industry which allows them to cater more efficiently to trade-related problems. There are certain times in the day when it may take some time for operators to patch you, but this is mostly due to the heavy traffic during busy hours of the market.

Bitteks Customer Service

I personally have always preferred the live chat because I am a little apprehensive when it comes to speaking on the phone. The support for live chat is active from Monday to Friday 07:00 to 14:00 GMT while the phone support operations are active from Monday to Friday 09:00 to 13:00 GMT. The option to contact via is limited to only Australia and the United Kingdom, so traders from other regions might find themselves at an inconvenience. The email service is active for everyone around the world and has no limitation of time with respect to contact.

Final Thoughts

Bitteks is on a mission to make trading easier for traders around the world, and they have managed to do just that with their advanced tools and unparalleled platform execution. This is why I find myself impressed with them every time they make progress towards being better. They look to establish themselves as a client-oriented platform, which is why they take into account every feedback. I hope traders looking for support in the trading world choose to opt for this platform in order to better their portfolio and make better trades.

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