Did you know that you can travel by AVE beyond Spain? Visiting Disneyland Paris by AVE, or reaching cities like Marseille or Lyon is very easy thanks to the train connection offered by Renfe and the French railroad company SNCF.

Disneyland Paris AVE

From Spain you can buy your ticket to travel directly to Paris departing from Barcelona, Figueres or Girona. The journey between Barcelona and Paris is direct and takes 6 hours and 45 minutes. Once in Paris Gare de Lyon train station, you will find several lines that operate between this station and Disneyland Paris in a journey that takes about 15 minutes. 

As you can see, it is a fast, easy trip, with only one transfer once you arrive in Paris. In one morning you can reach Disneyland with a fast, safe and comfortable means of transport. 

Also, remember that, thanks to the internal connections of AVE in Spain, you can organize your trip departing from other cities to arrive in Barcelona in time to catch your direct AVE.

Traveling by AVE to the main cities in France

In addition to Paris, from Barcelona, Figueres and Girona stations, you can travel to other French cities such as Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier or Nimes. While from other Spanish cities such as Madrid or Zaragoza you have also available some of these destinations (except Paris which can only be reached by direct train from Barcelona, Figueres or Girona).

For some of these routes you have to make transfers and others are direct journeys of a few hours. 

Advantages of traveling by AVE

Traveling by AVE, and by train in general, has many advantages. The first is that it is the most sustainable means of public transport than the airplane, since, despite the high speeds, it is the one that requires the least energy to operate. 

Another advantage is that train stations, unlike airports, are in the centers (or fairly close to the centers) of cities. This eliminates extra transfers to and from the airport that increase the final price of the trip as well as adding travel time. 

As for waiting, another benefit of traveling by train is that you don’t need to wait any time in advance to go through security or check in your luggage. You will arrive with your luggage, enter the train and start your trip without wasting time. 

Regarding luggage, another advantage of traveling by train is that the luggage limit is three pieces of luggage. And they are included in your ticket price. So you can travel with everything you need without worrying about having to check extra luggage. 

As for comfort during the trip, trains have larger spaces than most airplanes and allow mobility between carriages or stay in the bar car during the trip, which is much appreciated by those who get tired of sitting in the same place for several hours.

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