In digital marketing, creatives are a type of media intended to attract the viewer’s attention. They can be used in many different ways, including for advertising and public relations purposes. In this blog post, we will discuss what KPIs creatives can exceed and how they can help with your business goals.

What are KPIs?

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are business metrics that indicate how well your digital marketing and sales efforts are performing. You can think of them as “high-level goals” for your creatives – the big-ticket items you want to hit in order to stay on track with all other aspects of your marketing campaigns.

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Why is it important to set KPIs?

Setting KPIs is essential because it is a way to measure performance.

  • Without KPIs, creatives are not able to understand if their work is effective or not. When creatives can track their efforts, they can see what works and doesn’t work.
  • KPI’s provide creatives with the information they need to improve their digital marketing efforts and increase the ROI of campaigns.
  • KPI’s also provide creatives with a way to set benchmarks and goals for creatives.

Which KPIs can be exceeded?

KPIs will vary depending on what industry you’re in and who you are targeting, but there are a few essentials we think creatives should be able to nail every time.

Increase web conversions: creatives can help increase the number of people who visit your site and take action (converting) by creating content that’s both relevant and compelling. Make sure you’re tracking user behavior with Google Analytics so you can see where your creatives are succeeding and failing.

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Increase video views: creatives often set up YouTube accounts to help increase the reach of their content, but this is just one way they contribute to increasing viewership on digital platforms.

Increase engagement: creatives are great at encouraging your audience to participate in polls, contests, and giveaways. They can also make you more visible on social networks by engaging with fans through retweets or direct messaging them when they share your content.

Increase traffic: creatives are often used to increase the visibility of blog posts, which means you have a greater chance of being found by search engines.

Increase sales: creatives can help increase the number of conversions, especially when they feature products or services linked to your blog post content.

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Increased brand awareness: creatives can help lift your brand’s visibility as creative material is often shared on social networks, which can generate a lot of reach.

In summary

If you haven’t already, it may be time to start thinking about how your company can use digital marketing creatives to help you exceed your KPIs. Creatives can help increase traffic, conversions, brand awareness, and many other business goals depending on which industry you are in. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we’ll be happy to help.

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