Acoustic fire rated doors are metal, glass or wooden doors. They are installed in order to prevent the spread of a fire and provide acoustic insulation, as well as allowing a quick route for people’s evacuation.

Acoustic fire rated doors have gained some popularity across the years. Above all, after the amendments to the regulations on noise control. The incorporation of new parameters, linked to the insulating characteristics of the facilities, has also had an influence on their popularity.

Acoustic doors are defined as doors designed to prevent or minimize noise from spreading to other areas, ideal for rooms or places where we need the silence to predominate. Sound insulation can reach up to 54 decibels.

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Types of doors

The most widely used acoustic fire rated doors are the ones made from metal, since they are more effective against fire, but less aesthetic, even though nowadays you can choose between several designs as well as the possibility of customizing its borders and look. They are usually made of two steel sheets and filled with insulating material inside. Glass fire doors are usually less common, but more unique.

Acoustic and fire regulations

To comply with current regulations, it is necessary that the aforementioned doors have specific characteristics for fire control. Acoustic fire doors are installed in buildings where large crowds of people are frequent (either commercial or industrial buildings).

In these situations, the premise is that the passage of fire can be prevented and thus protect the physical integrity of all the people present inside the room or building. The installation of fire rated acoustic doors is also required in recording studios, radio studios, mixing rooms, TV sets, machine rooms and others. Now, we will list some of its characteristics and the advantages they have.

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Main characteristics of fire rated acoustic doors

• As we have already mentioned, these doors are soundproof, which means that noises do not pass to other rooms.

• They are made with a core of sound-insulating and sound-absorbing components

• They are designed in a way that people can get out easily in case of evacuating.

• The most common acoustic doors are metal pivot doors. They resist fire and high temperatures (up to 150 degrees) for long periods.

Advantages of fire rated acoustic doors

• It prevents noise from spreading, creating thus a calmer environment ideal for reunions, work and others.

• They reduce both the transmission of airborne noise from one room to another as well as the reverberation. This is because they include sound-absorbing materials in their manufacture.

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• They allow a building to be compartmentalized so that, in case of fire, it will take longer to spread, these doors even may help to stop it.

• By allowing easy transit, it enables safe evacuation of people and better performance by firefighters. This will result in a decrease in material damage.

Final thoughts

Installing fire rated acoustic doors is easy, with experienced professionals, so no additional work is necessary and can be done in a short time. Likewise, with this type of door, the current regulations for specific premises are sufficiently complied with, wherever these types of doors are required by regulations.

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