Are you an enthusiastic CFDs trader, or is Forex more your style? In any case, you can discover what you’re searching for in the rich trading platform that I am about to give my review on. 

RichmondSuper is one of the noticeable trading platforms that I have experienced so far available, and that isn’t simple. Taking into account that there are endless alternatives available today when I found out about this trading platform it was an uplifting discovery for me. With this platform, I was able to pick the ideal and the most reasonable trading platform relying upon these platforms’ services a lot with respect to their portfolio and trading achievement. 

Sadly, there are a lot of trading markets that are not reliable and are able to trick many people, stealing their trust away. Specifically, there are a ton of platforms out there that will in general mistreat this reality and the inclusivity of the trading business. Thus, they use escaping loopholes and alternate ways at the expense of your misfortune and disappointment to improve their own dubious plan. The main thing here that serves in support of yourself is the guideline. The rules and regulations are two things that you should check prior to choosing to focus on any trading platform you want. Depending upon the administrative power that is accountable for a specific brand and its standing, you can without much of a stretch conclude if a platform is deserving of your time, or on the off chance that you should avoid it. 

That is one of the numerous reasons I chose to make this RichmondSuper review – so you can see firsthand how a platform should be, and how it should be able to contribute only to your prosperity as an autonomous broker. 


The assortment of account types is one of the principal things that I chose to look at while setting out on the excursion of composing this review. To be specific, the diverse account bundles accessible on a trading platform shows that the platform is committed to feeding your needs and causing you to flourish with their services. 

For instance, in the event that you are a beginner trader, and you are not certain where to start, the basic account type is the ideal fit for you. With it, you can approach so many instructive tools that can help you on your excursion while you become familiar with your way around. It likewise gives you admittance to the full arrangement of tradable resources, so you can locate the one that is generally reasonable for you. 

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The main thing that people are usually concerned about here is the way toward making your account. You can enroll for it in a couple of clicks and give pertinent data about yourself that will confirm your identity. From that point onward, you can click on the confirmation link that will be sent to your inbox and you will be good to go with your trading venture. Each time you choose to chat with the trading platform straight away, you will just need to sign in by entering your email address and password. I propose a solid and muddled one, as an extra degree of safety! 


The instructive part of a trading platform is one of the main highlights that you should find out about. After the trading platform, almost certainly, you will invest most of your energy here, so what does an instructive segment must-have? 

The primary concern about the reality is that it is consistently refreshed, which is critical. Since, all things considered, there are endless things that are arising available each and every day, you should keep yourself educated about them. Next, we should likewise specify the significance of staying in contact with the most recent news and updates from the monetary world. Just, there are countless things that are going on with regards to legislative issues, the economy, and different everyday issues that can essentially influence your trading. Thus, it is basic to remember this information for your trading methodology. 

One of the main segments that you will discover here unquestionably the Frequently Asked Questions, and for a valid justification. This part incorporates the most posed inquiries and questions made by the customers who were once similar to you – anxious to start their trading venture as quickly as time permits. Thus, this segment is very helpful, particularly in the event that you wish to skirt the issue of reaching client care. 

At that point, the Glossary is a helpful method to stay aware of the apparent multitude of most recent terms and the trading dialect that is utilized consistently. Finally, we should likewise make reference to the Asset Index, which contains nitty gritty data about every resource and its trading hours, just as other vital data about your preferred resource. Likewise, you should look at the most recent digital books that are accessible on the platform. They give you bits of knowledge into an assortment of themes with regards to trading, from the rudiments to the point by point investigation of numerous subjects. 

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Trading Platform

At last, I want to discuss the technology of the trading platform a little bit. This is one of the most-visited portions of each trading site, so it must have the option to fulfill the various requirements and objectives of individual customers. Fortunately, the RichmondSuper trading platform can do as such easily. The platform is intended to fit the most recent norms of the business. It stacks impeccably and is customizable to all working frameworks and devices, so you can utilize it anyplace you are. Likewise, it is pretty basic, however, proficient, with no pointless mess or conspicuous promotions promising you either an advantage or a reward. With RichmondSuper, everything is out in the open. 

The platform has two modes – MT4 and MT5, so whichever one you pick, you will have the option to appreciate the most recent advantages that this platform type has to bring to the table. At the point when you visit this segment, you will see the rundown of all accessible trading resources put together in parts, for example, stocks, Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrency, and so on when you click on every one independently, you will have the option to watch its market execution live, just as look at how it went for that asset in the earlier months and weeks. Thus, you can make the best out of trading signals and different tools that will assist you with making a reasonable trading procedure. 


The client service group at RichmondSuper is one of the most well off and productive ones I have found in a long time. There is a considerable amount of approaches to contact their representatives, whichever suits you the most. For instance, in the event that you are somewhat restless and need help immediately, the live chat choice may be the best one for you. Here, you can connect with a specialist who is accessible in only a couple of seconds, paying little mind to the hour of the day, since they are accessible day in and day out. At that point, you can likewise utilize the email choice or round out the form on their site. These two choices are very comparable and take around a day only to be responded which is truly useful. 

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You can also utilize the phone number alternative too, in the event that you want to talk with the specialists directly. In any case, you will be met with a gathering of staff members who are educated in the trading world, friendly, and patient, which is the reason I acclaim them. 


Ultimately, I don’t want to disregard one of the main subjects in the realm of trading, and that is the funding process of your account. The deposit and withdrawal methods have a significant decent determination of payment alternatives, which is incredible to have. The most customary out of the pack is the bank wire move, which takes around 2 business days to be handled. At that point, you can likewise utilize your credit or debit card, and the processing speed here relies upon the type of your bank, so you should check about that with their agents. Additionally, there is an entire bundle of e-wallets that you can use also, from Skrill and Neteller to Bitcoin. These banking options can handle your request for a deposit or a withdrawal in a flash, which is very excellent. 

Most of the time RichmondSuper platform takes quick actions od checking your identification to deal with these requests and sometimes can require re-checking of identification for security purposes, so you and your assets are protected consistently. One of the main increments to this objective is the KYC policy. This arrangement suggests that you have to give an extra document that would demonstrate your identity to the RichmondSuper team, so they can guarantee your safety at whatever point you wish to make a withdrawal. This could be any kind of documentation that contains confirmation of your name, living arrangement, and other data about your identity. In any case, this is a significant extra degree of security, and it is an extraordinary thing that the RichmondSuper team is focusing on to add this component to their verification process.

Last Thoughts

My evaluation of this platform is through my very own insight. I understand that eachbroker may have different requirements for trading. I can just describe the different highlights consolidated in this tradingplatform. I have been happy with its administration. You can generally try out the platformon your own to make certain of its administration activities.

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