On the off chance that you were searching for another Forex specialist and your Google search brought you here, save you time and read my review on the platform to get an understanding of RichmondSuper platform, which will assist you with deciding if this dealer is the ideal decision for you or not.

Chances are that you don’t know much about RichmondSuper, so I will begin with a little introduction before I jump into the main things. Most importantly, this is an entrenched representative with long stretches of involvement in trading added to its repertoire. This implies it had a ton of time to build up a methodology appropriate for most customers. Honestly, that is the reason it grabbed my eye. I like to see an agent with positive remarks from customers.

To check whether those expectations will be satisfied, I want to show you all that RichmondSuper offers to its customers. RichmondSuper is one of the recognizable trading platforms that I have encountered so far. With this platform, I had the option to pick the ideal and the most sensible trading platform depending upon these platforms’ administrations a ton concerning their portfolio and trading accomplishments.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of trading platforms that are not solid and can deceive numerous individuals, taking their trust away. The primary thing here that you should look for whenever you are searching for a reliable trading platform is to check their rules and regulations. The rules and regulations are two things that you should check before getting to any conclusion regarding a platform.

That is one of the various reasons I decided to make this RichmondSuper review – so you can see firsthand how a platform should be, and how it should have the option to contribute just to your success as a self-sufficient dealer.

I will try to put forth my unbiased opinion. That will allow you to make your choice by weighing out all the pros and cons of trading on this platform. I know it can be quite difficult to obtain information regarding trading platform services as this sort of information is not readily available. My evaluation of this trading platform will be based on my personal experience with the trading platform. I will make sure to highlight all the characteristic features of the trading platform.


The arrangement of account types is one of the foremost things that I decided to take a look at while setting out to make this review. To be explicit, the different account types available on a trading platform shows that the platform is focused on taking care of your requirements and making you prosper with their administrations.

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For example, if you are an apprentice broker, and you are not sure where to begin, the first account type is the ideal fit for you. With it, you can approach numerous informative tools that can help you with your trading skills while you become acquainted with your way around. It moreover gives you permission to the full plan of tradable assets, so you can find the one that makes the most sense to you.

The primary concern that individuals are normally worried about here is the route toward making your account. You can register for it in a few minutes and give relevant information about yourself that will affirm your identity then you can tap on the confirmation link that will be sent off to your inbox and you will be all set with your trading adventure. Each time you decide to make use of the trading platform, you will simply need to sign in by entering your email address and password. I propose a strong and tangled one, as an additional level of security!


The part of the trading platform is one of the fundamental features that you should really try to find more about. The trading platform graph area is probably the one place where you will contribute a large portion of your energy, so what does the instructive segment must-have?

Taking everything into account, there are unlimited things that are emerging every single day, you should keep yourself instructed about them. Next, we ought to similarly determine the importance of remaining in contact with the latest news and updates from the financial world. Just, there are countless things that are going on with respect to administrative issues, the economy, and diverse regular issues that can basically impact your trading. Accordingly, it is essential to recollect this data for your trading techniques.

One of the fundamental fragments that you will find here certainly is the Frequently Asked Questions, and for a legitimate reason. This part includes the most asked questions and conversation starters made by the clients who were once like you – on the brink to begin their trading adventure as fast as time grants. Accordingly, this portion is useful, especially if you wish to avoid the issues of reaching out to customer care.

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By then, the Glossary is a useful technique to remain mindful of. The huge number of latest terms and the trading lingo that is used reliably can be difficult and the Glossary provided by RichmondSuper really helps a lot. At last I must make reference to the Asset Index, which contains quick and at hand information about each asset and its trading hours, similarly to other fundamental information about your favored asset. You should take a look at the latest advanced books that are open on the platform. They give you pieces of information into topics with respect to trade.

Trading Platform

Finally, I need to talk about the innovation of the trading platform a tad. This is one of the most-visited bits of each trading site, so it must have the alternative to satisfy the different prerequisites and goals of each client. Luckily, the RichmondSuper trading platform can do such without any problem. The platform is proposed to fit the latest standards of the business. It stacks flawlessly and is adjustable to all working systems and gadgets, so you can use it wherever you are. Moreover, it is pretty fundamental, notwithstanding, capable. With RichmondSuper, everything is out in the open.

The platform has two modes – MT4 and MT5, so whichever one you pick, you will have the alternative to choose the latest points of interest that this platform offers. Exactly when you visit this segment of the platform, you will see the overview of all open trading assets set up in parts, for instance, stocks, Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrency, etc when you click on each one freely, you will have the choice to watch its market execution live, you will be able to take a look at how it went for that asset in the previous months and weeks. In this manner, you can make the best out of trading signals and various tools that will help you with making a sensible trading decision.

Client Support

The customer administration bunch at RichmondSuper is one of the most wealthy and beneficial ones I have found in quite a while. There are a lot of ways you can get in contact with their agents, whichever suits you the most. For example, if you are fairly eager and need assistance promptly, the live chat option might be the best one for you. Here, you can associate with an expert who is available in two or three seconds, paying little heed to the hour of the day, since the client care service is open all day every day. By then, you can use the email option or fill out a form on their site. These two options are truly identical and take around a day just to reach the right agent which is really valuable.

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You can likewise use the telephone number option as well if you need to chat with the pros. Regardless, you will be met with a staff member who is well educated in the trading subject, well disposed of, and patient, which is the reason I enjoy their client care services.


Eventually, I would prefer not to dismiss one of the primary subjects in the domain of trade, and that is the funding process of your account. The deposit and withdrawal techniques have a huge respectable assurance of installment choices, which is mind-boggling to have. The most standard out of the pack is the bank wire transfer, which takes around 2 business days to be dealt with. By then, you can in like manner use your credit or debit card, and the handling speed here depends upon the sort of your bank, so you should check about that with their representatives.

Often RichmondSuper platform takes fast actions to check your ID to manage these requests and now and again can require re-checking for security purposes, so you and your resources are ensured reliably. One of the principal additions to this goal is the KYC strategy. This course of action proposes that you need to give an additional document that would show your identity to the RichmondSuper group, so they can ensure your security at whatever point you wish to make a withdrawal. This could be any sort of documentation that contains an affirmation of your name, living place, and other information about your identity. Regardless, this is an important additional level of security, and it is a remarkable thing that the RichmondSuper’s team is zeroing in on to add this part to their verification.

Last Thoughts

My assessment of this platform is through my own personal understanding. I comprehend that each dealer may have various necessities for trading. I can simply portray the various features united in this trading platform. I have been content with this broker. You can for the most part evaluate the platform by yourself to verify its reliability.

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