Charlotte’s Web is a popular, high-CBD, low THC cannabis strain that has many health benefits. The story goes back to a young girl named Charlotte Figi, who had a rare type of diabetes. 

As with many chronic diseases, traditional medicine did not work to improve her medical condition. So, her parents decided to turn to CBD and cannabis because of its proven effectiveness with seizures. 

Two brothers worked together to breed and grow a high-CBD hemp plant containing 30% CBD. The brothers offered some of the extracted oil to the girl’s parents. Charlotte’s seizures virtually disappeared. The product was so successful for seizures that the name was eventually changed to Charlotte’s Web

Today, this form of CBD is sold in oils, gummies, capsules, tinctures, and even pet products to help people and animals with various medical issues. 

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Additional Health Benefits of Charlotte’s Web

The CBD in this strain can bind to receptors that regulate your body’s temperature, pain perception, and inflammation. That is why Charlotte’s Web can be a powerful treatment for people who suffer from many chronic conditions, including fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s disease. 

The high level of CBD also can stimulate serotonin receptors that release other therapeutic benefits, such as disturbance of sleep, anxiety, addiction, and even the destruction of cancer cells. 

Some athletes have said that Charlotte’s Web can help to reduce inflammation after a workout. For some of them, the reduction in inflammation leads to less soreness and faster recovery. 

The Charlotte’s Web Experience

Charlotte’s Web was first produced to contain a high CBC to THC ratio for a wide range of medical benefits. The ratio makes this hemp strain useful for some people because it provides a buzz that offers an increased sense of well-being and sensory enhancement. 

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Charlotte’s Web Genetic Profile

Charlotte’s Web was made specifically for the young girl’s epilepsy condition. However, this form of cannabis has been used for many other severe medical conditions, and many people with seizures. The hemp strain was made by crossing an unknown strain with industrial-grade hemp. 

The hemp strain seeds from Charlotte’s Web are not commercially available. However, the latest statistics on growth behavior includes producing flowers in 60 to 70 days on a bushy plant that resembles indica. It features long, fan leaves with an attractive pine fragrance that resembles similar sativa strains. 

Charlotte’s Web’s remarkable success in fighting seizures was the start of other innovators to develop new strains with similar health benefits, such as the Cannatonic strain. Charlotte’s Web has at least 300 times more than the typical CBD strain with almost no THC. This dramatically limits the psychoactivity of this unique strain of hemp. 

It is important to remember that this form of cannabis’s primary benefits is health and not for a ‘high.’ 

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Taste, Aroma, and Color

The flowers on this strain have tapered, long buds and feature olive green leaves. Charlotte’s Web psychoactive strain has specific differences from the medicinal strain originally bred for Charlotte Figi. The hemp-related strain of this form of cannabis has few pistils and few trichomes covered with THC. 

The scent has light floral accents but is overpowered by a piney and dank fragrance. 

The Bottom Line

Many success stories have been reported in the medical community for adult and pediatric patients who have experienced fewer seizures. This hemp strain has also been shown over time to benefit people suffering from anxiety, depression, and inflammation. Different from the cannabinoid THC, CBD stimulates your body’s receptors to perform their functions more efficiently. So, buy weed online now and get the advantages it offers in the medical aspect

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