Houses are built to satisfy a person’s dream of having a comfortable living space. As such, the designs and construction methods of homes have developed and evolved a lot in the past few centuries. And in each century, the formats changed to accommodate the modern needs and technologies associated with homes. Tiling is one such improvement made in the past. But it is more advanced with various options in the current days as different varieties like porcelain tiles are available in the market. It creates countless design options for a person, and the use of such tiles also helped improve various factors related to homes.

Areas of Tile Usage

Tiles are something that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Modern technologies also made it easy to cut and shape tiles to match them for different needs. As such, various uses of tiles are:

  • Flooring: It is common to use tiles for flooring. This trend has been among homeowners for centuries. The tiling process of floors improves the aesthetics and makes it more vibrant and luxurious. This process also gives additional advantages like easy cleaning, long lifespan, etc. The wide range of flooring tiles allows the owners to have identical floors as per their concept. And tiles with various features are available for different parts of the house. 
  • Bathroom: Unlike other rooms, designing and constructing it is different and requires special care. As such, in bathrooms, unique tiles with grip are used to avoid slippery floors. The walls of the bathrooms are also paved with tiles to improve various factors. Such a design will help reduce the chance of getting the walls wet. Also, it is far easier to clean a tile wall than a plastered wall. The bathroom’s aesthetics can also be improved with the use of tiles. Notably, the use of porcelain tiles gives the bathroom slip resistance, chemical resistance, and stain resistance features. 
  • Kitchen: The kitchen needs unique tiles as the conditions of a kitchen are different from other rooms. The kitchen floor can get wet occasionally, and also the chance of spilling oil and other substances are high. Hence, these conditions need tiles with good grip and stain resistance. Moreover, the use of cooking apparatus can increase the heat in the kitchen. So tiles used in the kitchen should have higher heat resistance. As such, tiles are used for various purposes in the kitchen, including wall tiling. Also, this way, it is easier to clean splashback from cooking. 
  • Outdoor Wall: It was not common to pave tiles on outdoor walls in the past, as it was mainly done for luxury buildings. But now, due to the advantages of outdoor wall tiling, the trend has become common, and this process improved aesthetics to a large extent. Also, many problems like the fungal growth in the walls, fading of colour, etc., have been reduced by tiles. Moreover, tiles can reduce the heat inside the house by reflecting the sunlight. In winter, the heat retention inside the home is also higher for houses with tile paved exterior walls. It can effectively reduce the cost of repainting every year, and cleaning the walls will be much easier.
  • Pathway: Pathway to a home is the primary attraction for others, as it shows the elegance of house design. So, using suitable tiles in the pathway will improve the beauty of the house. But there are several factors to consider in selecting the tiles in the pathway. 
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Pathways suffer the most traffic flow to a home. Also, the tiles in the pathway are exposed to weather conditions like rain and heat. So, the tiles must be capable of resisting such harsh weather conditions. Also, like bathrooms and kitchens, the anti-slip feature is desirable for the pathway tiles.

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