When you Google “security apps for phones”, you will get many antivirus and anti-malware applications. However, that’s a somewhat limited picture of the situation. Numerous apps that can improve your mobile phone security are available today. The majority of them are simple to use and do not consume many resources. 

Both Android and iOS are continually improving to make them more secure and preserve your privacy. Still, there is much more you can do to make your phone more secure than it already is. We have picked up eight superb security apps for your smartphone, skipping the conventional antivirus and VPN alternatives favouring several lesser-known applications that can make a meaningful impact on how well your mobile and all of its data are secured.

Other options are also available to increase your mobile security. We suggest using a lock screen with an actual lock and only downloading verified and reviewed games and apps on the play store.

We know you will find more Android apps on this list than iPhone. But that’s just the way both these operating systems work. Apple exerts greater control over iOS security, whilst Google is a little more inclined to accept third-party apps to intervene. iOS apps are not really empowered to scan for viruses, analyze networks in-depth, reconfigure user privileges, or connect any other severe clamps in the apps that an absolute security app would require.

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Here is the list of the eight best security apps to secure your phone.

  1. Jumbo
  2. Fing
  3. GlassWire
  4. Lookout
  5. Twilio Authy
  6. Access Dots
  7. Signal Messenger
  8. Secure Call

Let’s review them in detail.


Making sure you are not disclosing additional information about yourself than you would like on social media is challenging. Social media privacy settings are tough to understand and constantly evolving. With Jumbo, you do not need to worry. It is compatible with Android and iOS and can do the legwork for you to keep your social media accounts secure. The application directly connects to your social media accounts to provide a range of handy functions, such as proactively removing old tweets, preventing Google from obtaining information about you, restricting Facebook ad personalization, and much more. Remember that any data you back up or trash with Jumbo becomes locked to the app, with no option to transfer it for use in other apps.


Fing is supported by both Android and iOS. It can show you precisely what is on your network at any given time, which is helpful for both debugging and ensuring your home wifi is safe. Fing can also verify the bandwidth of your internet service, look for spy cameras in your hotel room, alert you about service outages, and notify you about new phones joining your network, among other things.


GlassWire monitors applications’ data usage so you can see which applications on your smartphone are consuming the most bandwidth in terms of downloads and uploads. It also gives you notifications when a new app connects to the internet and much more. It is only available for Android. GlassWire can assist you if you are concerned about your data package while away from home wifi, or you just want to ensure that particular applications are not transmitting data around again when they should not. There is also an inbuilt firewall built into the application.

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Lookout is always on the alert for cyber-attacks and unusual activity. It warns you if the wifi you are about to connect is hazardous or receiving a threat. It also shows which apps on your mobile have access to your contacts, location, messages, and other personal information. Besides that, it offers a secure browsing mode, notifies you of recent security breaches, assists you in tracking down a stolen phone, and even locks it so that nobody can access your data. There is a slew of other anti-theft, anti-identity-theft, and security features that will make your life much easier. Make sure to take a look at this one. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Twilio Authy

2FA (two-factor authentication) significantly enhances your online accounts’ safety, and Authy is among the best solutions for handling your 2FA codes. Making new accounts, receiving login credentials, and transferring Authy between devices are all simple, making 2FA as stress-free as possible. It will work with Facebook, Google, Evernote, Microsoft, and Dropbox accounts. Twilio runs on both Android and iOS.

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Access Dots

If an application uses your phone camera or microphone, iOS 14 introduces a unique feature to iPhones that displays an on-screen notification similar to the ‘active’ light next to your laptop’s webcam. Access Dots efficiently and simply delivers the same capability to Android. The application is not complicated, yet it is pretty useful. If an application has covertly enabled the camera or microphone, you will notice a notification in the status bar. You can adjust the size and position of the indicator dot by making a payment to support the application’s development.

Signal Messenger

There are numerous encrypted texting apps available. However, most of these only operate if both users are using the same application. If one of the participants is not on Signal Private Messenger, you can add an additional layer of protection to regular SMS text communications using Signal. It is, without a doubt, the best application on the market if you really want end-to-end encryption for your daily messages. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Secure Call

It protects your calls by ensuring that no one can hear them. Secure Call encrypts all of your personal calls from beginning to end, barring strangers from listening in. To accept and make phone calls, it uses the default phone application. Its peer-to-peer framework, along with strong end-to-end encryption, ensures that your calls are not intercepted by external parties, along with the application’s developers.

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