The DIY (Do It Yourself) culture is widespread amongst the younger demographic. They are taking on tasks of tending to their lawns and taking care of family-owned farms to help vegetation growth. They learn the necessary skills from their elders and carry on the tradition of caring for their land. Most beginners try to practise with the available machinery that is old and rusty. These pieces of equipment often require spare parts like blade spindle assembly joints, bar and chains and more. It is ideal to purchase John Deere parts online, for instance, as they are one of the most trusted manufacturing brands in the market. Several other similar brands cater to lawn care, forest maintenance and agriculture departments. 

Many third-party vendors manufacture similar grades of parts for large maintenance equipment. The machine parts bought from such vendors do not last long. Their life span will be limited to two to three years at the most. The irony is they cost nearly similar or maybe slightly lower than the retail price of authentic quality manufacturer spare parts. Do not get blind-sided by the rates. Instead, seek to invest in branded spares that will last for over a decade. Always choose quality over quantity since they will be more versatile, reliable and innovative than counterfeit ones. 

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Reasons to invest in original OEM parts over 3rd party vendors:

When individuals visit trusted equipment parts websites like Green Acres Mowers, they come across many branded spare parts for heavy-duty equipment. Loyal customers purchase John Deere parts online due to their popularity. They understand the benefits of investing in original spares rather than trusting faulty dupes. The following are reasons every agricultural/ forest/ lawn equipment owner must purchase OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) spare parts:

  • No compromise on quality: When new farmers or lawn caretakers wish to buy heavy-duty equipment, the first thing they think of is alternative parts in case of emergency. Understandably, they will think about purchasing off-brand parts due to their affordability but forget that everything comes at a price. They might be cheap and work for a few months, but later will start giving operation issues. Instead of facing unwanted hassle, invest in authentic and quality OEM parts from certified distributors.
  • More extended warranty period: Spare parts can be expensive, especially from an original manufacturer brand. People look for cheaper off-brand parts that will not have a warranty in the first place. If those parts malfunction last minute, the customers waste their hard-earned money. Apart from that, they also lose valuable time and effort trying to use the equipment. Hence, it is advisable to buy spare parts like air filters, spindle assembly units, and deck belts from trustworthy manufacturer brands. These parts have a warranty period of one year and more. It gives customers ownership satisfaction. They are assured that in case of need, they can contact the OEM’s customer support team and get the part replaced if needed.
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Dealership availability and support: Owning popular brand spare parts over off-brands will benefit the customers. These manufacturing giants have a large net of relationships with dealers and distributors all across the country. They establish in-person retail stores and online shops to reach a large consumer audience. The dealerships support clients as and when required for any assistance. The customers experience a stress-free shopping experience and can avail any additional store benefits for future reference. All transactions are documented to avoid confusion. Buyers can also contact the sales representatives or online assistants to clarify any doubts.

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