If you are planning to switch workspaces or migrate to a new country, a work visa is something you can place your bets on without any doubt. Employers can use the Temporary work visa programme to solve the unemployment problem by bringing in talented international workers when they can’t find a suitable Australian candidate. If you have a TSS visa and have worked for the same employer in Australia for at least three years, you may be eligible for a legal residency permit under the Short Residence Transition stream. It allows for the targeted employment of foreign labour to meet transitory skill shortages while still prioritising Australian workers. If you get an MLTSSL visa and plan to apply for permission with a supportive company following three years of employment, you must apply for residence. 

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There are more than 2 million people on temporary work visas in Australia. A TSS visa card is a 482 visa that provides holders with a work permit. It allows them to work comprehensively for their occupational listing in Australia. Because of the mandatory two years, comprehensive job experience criteria, and the requirement for positive skill evaluation, the majority of global graduates will be ineligible to apply for a visa. It also means that there will be fewer onshore candidates than international applicants. Offshore applicants with relevant job experience and a favourable competence assessment will have a better shot at getting a visa. 

The TSS visa is supposed to take the same amount of time to process as 457 visas (average figure). However, it will be determined by several circumstances, including the department’s workload, the condition of the applicant’s sponsor, the applicant’s occupation, the applicant’s sponsor’s location, and the processing period for endorsement and nomination.

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Applying for any type of work permit, visa or other immigration process demands basic requirements. On that note, temporary work visas mandate several requirements without which applications can get rejected out of negligibility. Here is a quick list of conditions,

1. Training and sponsorship details

The TSS work visa waiver program will no longer use training criteria, as were used by 457 visas, once the Training skills Aussies Fund is established. Employers will instead be required to pay a nomination training contribution levy to the Skilling Australians Fund. The employer applies to become a Typical Business Sponsor. Alternatively, where concessions are required, Labour Agreements are available. Candidate must demonstrate impeccable and legal business operations, not participate in discriminatory behaviour, and so on.

2. Specific need for nomination

Regarding a potential or current TSS visa holder, the enterprise nominates an occupation that the firm requires. Thus, the proposed position must have been on the 482 employment list; there has to be a legitimate reason to upgrade. The most common reason for rejection is a failure to show that the job is genuine and necessary for the company. 

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The candidate must nominate a full-time role. Furthermore, confirmation of at least two years of full-time work experience in the selected occupations or a related subject is required. It gets scheduled to complete throughout the last five years, but it does not have to be constant.

3. Skills and evidence

Talent tests for TSS work visa applications are required for various criteria. The list of occupations for which skills tests are necessary, to include for trade-related positions, programme and project coordinators. Evidence such as job advertisements that show that jobs are posted on a network ((that is acceptable to several Australian citizens) other ads posted on a unified platform that several Australians use are also required.

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