To be or not to be is the question that torments many on a variety of issues! It is no different in taking a selective decision on the types of machines to buy for mowing our lawns: Rotary or cylinder. Which one is better?

Everybody wants a healthy and well-maintained lawn that can offer an eye-soothing sight. But it depends greatly on how you trim, slim and manicures your property: pride of the owner and envy of the neighbour. And, of course, eye-catching to viewers.

But this can be possible only when we buy the correct lawnmower. Again a prudent decision of buying one of them depends on a comparative study of rotary and cylinder mower.

Let us have a look first at the working-mode or functionality of both lawnmower variants. As we know lawn mowing greatly depends on the size, the physical position of the lawn (if it is a plain area or a terrain) and types of grass, this comparison will be helpful in the buying process.

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Working Method of Cylinder Lawnmower 

Usually, such a lawn maintenance machine contains three to seven cylindrical blades or scissors. They rotate vertically to trap and slice grass against a fixed bottom plate creating a shearing action inside the grass box fitted at the front of the mower. More the number of blades, the better is the mowing or cutting. The cylinder mowers are ideal for flat lawns and they cut the grass in a very clean and even manner.

But the disadvantage is that the blades or scissors are damaged comparatively quickly. At the same time, the advantage of this machine is that it can run on petrol or electricity.

Working Method of Rotary Lawnmower 

These lawnmowers are designed with one high speed rotating blade that cuts or chops grass on impact due to its speed with most of them having the grass box behind. The blade or scissors spinning usually at around 3000 RPM cuts almost all types of grasses in a horizontal position ideally suited for medium to high cut. This type of mowers is designed to cut grass over 1/2″. As a result, there will be no irregularities on the lawn’s surface.

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Such mowers are powered by petrol, rechargeable battery or electricity. These machines usually need extra action as its blades or scissors need to be sharpened regularly as bluntness doesn’t yield good results.

Comparative Analysis: Cylinder and Rotary lawn mowers

Quality/Result of Mowing

The mowing action of cylinder mowers offers even results as it cuts the grass short, as low as 3/16″. It happens because a rotary mowercuts quickly using its sharp and powerful blades.    

Height of the mower 

You can trim grass up to 3/16” using a cylinder mower. While a typical rotary lawnmower can easily cut longer grass around 4”.

Level ofthe noise of the mower

Manually-operated cylinder mowers make no noise, but the electric or gas-powered rotary mower producesirritating sound when under usage.

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How to Maintain YourMowers? 

Be it a Cylinder or Rotary mower, you need to frequently inspect the machine and its spare parts.

Cylinder Mower: Blades require precise and regular adjustments to maintain cut quality. They should be sharp and clean. Cylinder mowers require a frequent inspection to confirm everything is in order.

Rotary Mower: The gas-powered Rotary mowers usually require annual maintenance in the form of oil changes, plug replacement, and air filter replacement.


There is no doubt that you require a mower whether it is rotary and cylinder for maintaining your lawn and garden. Landscapers can use either of these two machines depending upon their requirements. Both Rotary and Cylinder mowers come with their pros and cons.

Thus we can conclude here that both Cylinder and Rotary mowers are good and effective. You can buy either of them as per your requirements.

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