The trading sector can be difficult to navigate through without a set platform. This is why you need a suitable platform that is able to optimize features useful to your trade needs. It is imperative for you to categorize those needs before you begin screening for a suitable trading platform. Either way. Whichever trading platform you choose, should have enough credibility as a broker.

TopMarketCap is one such trading platform. It manages to stand out because of its reliability. This broker offers a variety of services to its customers. You can be either a beginner or an expert in trading. It wouldn’t matter when you have this platform guiding your way through. This broker makes sure to provide a wide variety of features. Its servers are optimized to handle all types of clientele.

TopMarketCap relays top-notch service features. These features include a stringent verification process. This platform has worked hard in building its reputation as a safe and reliable trading platform. Trade requires access to all essential means and services. This is why it is necessary that the platform you choose has strong policies for security and safety.

While choosing a trading platform might be a difficult task at hand, you will find that it is more difficult when you have too many options available. Ever since spam sites have taken over, it has become increasingly difficult to make a suitable choice.

This is why I thought my review on TopMarketCap will help you evaluate it as a suitable option for you to consider. This review is based on my own experience with the trading platform. I will give you an overview of the services it offers. My assessment will be unbiased. This will help you determine if this platform is able to meet your respective requirements.

Trading Platform

TopMarketCap offers a straightforward layout of the trading services it offers. Whether you are a beginner level trader looking to navigate the sector, or an expert trader upgrading on trade strategies, you will find that this platform manages to meet all your trading requirements. TopMarketCap has left no stone unturned in raking up service optimizations when it comes to trading. This is indeed how it manages to stand out. The ground-breaking leverage is not the only advantage you will have if you opt for this broker. The range in the layout of tradable asset choices is impressive too. The customers associated with this trading platform will have important stock data at their disposal at all times. This data is updated in real-time.

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It is hard to imagine trading as something this simple. But the service features of this platform make it seem that way. This is why beginner traders will be greatly impressed with the ease at hand. The options on the server are easy to access. One thing you will notice is the fact that this trading platform operates only in two languages, English (British) and German. I feel like it could broaden its spectrum in that regard in order to incorporate more people from diversified backgrounds. This will make trading easier for more people. Incorporating more dialects of English and other languages will make the platform less exclusive and help them build on their clientele.

 You can explore the server easily to know what you are working with. Trade on this platform is made using alternatives such as Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, and Commodities.

The design of the platform is pretty mainstream. There isn’t much to be impressed with. This is where I think I realized the platform lacked. While the services offered were great, they were laid out pretty conventionally. On top of that, the color scheme had a dark backdrop which doesn’t make the site that appealing. I like the fact that there were a variety of options available for customization. This allows you to set it according to your needs. The platform provides enough leeway for customers to make their own decisions. It definitely provides enough of the raw data in its layout regarding trade.

Expert traders will like the trade analysis chart customization based on Trending, Daily Change percentage, and Name. The platform has put considerable effort into optimizing its features to suit the needs of different traders.

Account Types

The variability in account types gives a trading platform an added advantage in meeting the requirements of their prospective customers. It allows traders to categorize their needs based on the availability of account types on the platform. This is where the proper characterization of service features is imperative for each account type.

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TopMarketCap has four different account types. The features of each account are overviewed below.

Silver Account

This account requires a minimum deposit of 250 EUR. It offers you over 200 tradable assets. Not only that, you get access to the market review. The significant leverages work upto 100. This is a good account for beginners. You can always work your way up to better accounts once you get the hang of suitable trading means.

Gold Account

The Gold account is an upgrade from the Silver account. You need to be able to deposit 10,000 EUR. You get access to a variety of service features that include the ones in the silver account and more. From a dedicated senior account manager to bonus funds, you have a lot more to work with. Lucrative Gold Spreads, Significant leverages upto 200, Financial Planning Risk Management Planning Special Venture Promotions, and access to monthly webinars. The withdrawal process is prioritized at level 3 and the access to the trade room analysis is tier 3.

Platinum Account

The Platinum account requires a minimum deposit of 50,000 EUR. The account features include all of those from the Gold account. There is a significate upgrade when it comes to trade room analysis at tier 2 and the withdrawal process prioritized at level 2. The lucrative Platinum Spreads are also present. Not only that, but you also have trading signalsand Private Analyst Sessions as added service features in this account. There is also upgraded weekly access to webinars.

VIP Account

This is an invitation-only account. It has all the service features of the Platinum account. It has complete access to most of the trading platform’s services. Its exclusivity makes it stand out from the other account types.

Deposit and Withdrawal 

The methods for deposit available on this platform are two. You can either opt for a card, Credit, or Debit. You can also choose to go for Bank Wire Transfer. 

Either way, both these methods can be used to make withdrawals also. The cycle to withdraw might seem a bit long. It can range up to seven to ten days based on the documentation. This has an underlined advantage. The platform has strict guidelines when it comes to the safety and security of its client’s assets. This is why they put strong forces in play during the whole procedure to ensure that all policies are met and guidelines are followed.

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Another thing I realized was the fact that the time for withdrawal also depended on your account type. You can always upgrade to get better services. The transactions were smoother when the methods to deposit and withdraw were the same.

Customer Service

TopMarketCap knows how essential good customer service is. It signifies the importance of customer needs for a trading platform. You need to be able to ensure that the services you offer your customers are indeed proving to be useful for them. This is why you can contact the trading platform service operators through email, live chat, or call. You will notice that you can categorize your need for contacting the trading platform administration. It includes Customer Support Service, Trading Platform Assistance, General Feedback, or Complaint. This helps the customer service to direct your message to suitable operators. Each category has a suitable operator equipped with the required knowledge to cater to your needs.

The timings for chat services are Monday to Friday 07:00-14:00 GMT while those for calling are Monday to Friday 09:00 – 13:00 GMT. The calling services are available only in three countries which might be an inconvenience for many customers. These countries include Australia, the United Kingdom, and Austria. It can difficult to reach service operators at certain times. This is mainly due to a large amount of traffic on the server. Once you register your message with the operator, your request will definitely be processed. You might just have to wait a little longer than you might have hoped.

Last Thoughts

I hope my overview of this trading platform will prove to be useful to you. It is essential to acknowledge that each trader has different trade requirements. Being able to assess the services offered by a trading platform helps evaluate your trade needs. When you know what you are looking for, it is not that difficult to make a choice.

Choose this broker if you are looking for a reliable trading platform, one that you can count on to guard the assets you deal with in the trading world.

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