With regards to new and energizing platforms that are developing, this dealer has promptly grabbed my eye, and that is why I chose to compose this SecuredVC review. Furthermore, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not the one to get on board with the temporary bandwagon at whatever point another thing comes up. Or maybe, I like to take as much time as is needed finding the correct platform. Previously, I usually depended on the entrenched platforms that every other person trusted, too. As my preferences changed and improved, I immediately understood that I have to carve my own way. Thus, I required a platform that does that for itself, as well. 

SecuredVC is working as a different element, so I wanted to take a look at how it positions as an independent broker and assist you with choosing whether it is a solid match for your trading requirements. 

Some Features of SecuredVC

  • SecuredVC upgraded its conventional site for portable programs with a dashboard where customers can rapidly get to account details, balances, balance history, positions, feed, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The all-around planned portable platform is expected to give clients a straightforward one-page experience where they can rapidly monitor the business sectors and their accounts. 
  • The SecuredVC platform’s toolset has been generally very unique. That implies clients can use its amazing analysis tools and ongoing streaming information to Trade values, alternatives, prospects, choices on futures, and forex. 
  • Streaming constant information on SecuredVC, the site, is boundless and filled with all the information a beginner or an experienced trader would want. 


What made it easy for me to use SecuredVC is that it attempts to make getting started simple, but the broadness of its contributions neutralizes it in such a manner. New clients can open and fund an account on the site. The precarious part, in any case, is picking the right account type as SecuredVC has a few to browse. When you have the correct account type, the “know your customer” measure that all SEC-enlisted traders require is basic and simple to explore. 

After you are set up, the route is profoundly dependent on the platform you have chosen to use. When I got to the site, I found the design basic and simple to follow since the latest redesign. There is an adjustable “dock” that shows account insights, news, and economic calendar information, it was the most impressive thing to me on the site. 

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The SecuredVC platform can be set up to your accurate details, with tabs permitting simple access to your most-used features. I got to really notice while using the platform with SecuredVC, you can determine everything from the tools on each page to the text style used to the basic tone. Each part of Trading defaults can be determined to SecuredVC. The platform permits you a similar degree of command over Trading defaults. Most customization alternatives are put away in the cloud, so whenever you have set them up, they follow you starting with one device then onto the next. 

A version of SecuredVC for the web incorporates live Trading and paper money, the Trading stimulation, and all the asset classes are easily accessible. Your watchlists and active watchlist are indistinguishable. The platform is essentially Trade situated and has a less difficult format than any other trading platform. 

SecuredVC is designed for iOS and Android just as a mobile web experience that resizes the screen as indicated by the device you’re utilizing. In the event that you set up a watchlist on one platform, it will be available somewhere else. This is especially helpful for the individuals who switch between the desktop screen to mobile screen. All accessible asset classes can be Traded on cell phones. 

Account Types 

With regards to Account types, every customer can pick between four options available. Obviously, everything relies upon your experience so if you are a newbie, I encourage you to pick the one named Silver. The minimum deposit for this one is 250 EUR and you have more than 200 tradable resources, market audits, and leverage up to 1:100.  

Obviously, if this doesn’t fulfill your trading craving, there is the Gold one that offers better prospects, however, the minimum deposit sum is 10,000 EUR. What you get inside this one is extra assets, leverage up to 1:200, risk management arranging, and monthly webinars. 

The next one would be Platinum. The deposit prerequisite is 50,000 EUR at any rate, yet you will get trading signals, week by week webinars, and private analyst meetings aside from every one of those mentioned things. 

Furthermore, the last one is a VIP. Being a VIP member in SecuredVC brings you full admittance to online classes, an organized withdrawal cycle, and leverage up to 1:400. Thus, if you are an accomplished broker who needs to pull out all the stops, this is the correct decision for you. 

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Education is one of the most significant pieces of each dealer. If you become somebody’s customer, you need to have the option to improve your trading abilities and get a few advantages. When I state benefits, I mean eBooks and learning materials. Along these lines, how about we check whether that is the thing that you will get if you open an account at SecuredVC.  

This implies SecuredVC takes great consideration of its likely customers too. Why? Since this broker realizes that it is so imperative to acclimate yourself with the subject before you begin trading. That is the best way to have the best outcomes. Thus, become familiar with the Forex essentials first, and from that point onward, you will deal with your portfolio like an expert. 

In all honesty, this isn’t the main instructive material. There is a Glossary, as well. If you have any situations about explicit terms, essentially go to that page and you will discover the appropriate response. Resource Index and FAQ are additionally there and inside you will discover clarifications on the best way to open an account or use a platform. 


The first thing I need to discuss is the site. When you open the landing page, you will see it’s overall quite basic. There aren’t numerous details, however, brokers have all they require. It’s quick and responsive and that is the most significant thing. 

The platform is web-based. It’s not downloadable, but rather it is improved well, so you can run it on your mobile or tablet gadget. The main thing you need to do is sign-in to your account from any gadget and you will have the option to trade. 

As I expected, it is loaded up with fundamental details yet perfect and clean. Everybody can oversee it easily, regardless of the experience. It is responsive and clear, and you can trade CFDs on Forex, Commodities, Crypto, Stocks, and Indices. 


Something I disdain the most is terrible client service. Particularly when I locate a broker that accommodates my taste impeccably. Fortunately, the individuals behind SecuredVC are experts and they comprehend the significance of good client assistance. 

In conclusion, my number one choice — Live Chat. I expected this is the quickest strategy to get an answer, so I made a message to test it. The operator was responsive and supportive, and I got an answer in a moment. My experience was good and if you need an instant answer, I propose you use this strategy (the working hours are Monday to Friday 06:00-13:00 GMT). 

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The withdrawal cycle is quick, it lasts from seven to ten business days and it relies upon the account type. The thing I like the most is straightforwardness. This broker doesn’t conceal anything so you can see that the VIP Account has organized withdrawal measure Level 1, Platinum Account has Level 2, and the Gold Account has Level 3, and there won’t be any negative astonishments. After the endorsement cycle, you will get the cash in your bank account. 

The minimum requirement for withdrawal is 100 USD/EUR/GBP. You will have to pay an expense, yet it is a little one, so I don’t worry about it by any stretch of the imagination. It’s only 1% of the withdrawal sum. Remember that SecuredVC takes great consideration of security so you need to experience identity check. The withdrawal cycle endures longer due to that cycle; however, your assets are totally safe and that is the most significant thing of all. 

Client Assistance

  • 24/7 telephone line. 
  • Chatbots  
  • Excellent Trading related aides for SecuredVC clients. 
  • SecuredVC uphold partners can shadow your Trading platform and exhibit its features to you. 

My Verdict 

SecuredVC’ platform makes exploration and Trading available to a wide scope of traders and dealers. Fresher traders can stir their way up the chain, adopting new strategies and asset classes as they experience them in the store of trading education they approach. Traders and active traders will appreciate the capacities of the SecuredVC platform, including the capacity to make custom pointers and offer asset screens in a more extensive network. 

SecuredVC offers strong value today. With SecuredVC’s fee cuts, you currently get a lot of extraordinary analysis, boundless streaming constant statements, and a quality Trade execution engine at an extremely competitive value point.

I will complete this SecuredVC review with one articulation — this is a solid broker without a doubt. If you open an account and begin trading, you will be satisfied to see a great help. Additionally, there is a likelihood to look over more than 200 resources, improve trading aptitudes on account of numerous online courses, and eBooks or one-on-one trading meetings. 

Generally speaking, this is one authentic broker, and you have my recommendation if you choose to become a customer of SecuredVC.

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