Nails have consistent colouring and are smooth, however, with age, they might become brittle and vertical ridges may appear. However, some toenail abnormalities such as nail separation, spots, and discolouration can be from injuries, infections, viral warts, or medications. It should be a reason for you to visit the foot wellness center Cypress Tx. Nail problems can also be a sign of underlying medical conditions but do not diagnose before visiting a health care professional.

Common nail conditions

Ingrown toenails – They occur when the corners of the nails grow into the skin. The most likely affected is the big toe, though it can be treated at home, medical treatment exempts you from complications. If you notice pain when pain is placed on the toe, fluid building up around the toe, and the skin next to the nail becoming hard, tender, or swollen, book an appointment with a foot and ankle specialist near cypress Tx.

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Involuted toes–It is when the nail plate is curved more than usual leaving the toenail exposed to occasionalinfections and pain, sometimes it can be inflamed and blood and pus can ooze out. This can be a genetic condition, repeated or major trauma, and several systematic diseases. If left untreated the nails can grow incorrectly. Sought an opinion from foot wellness center Cypress Tx to ensure the cause is not an underlying undetected problem.

Thick toenails (onychomycosis) – Toenails growing thick is an indication of fungal infection and if left untreated the toenails can be very painful. Prompt treatment is very important because fungal infections can be difficult to cure. If you notice a change in color to brown, green, or yellow, if a foul odor comes from the toenails, if the nail is lifted from the nail bed or it crumbles or splits and if toenails have debris or dirt under them it is time to visit a foot and ankle specialist near cypress Tx.

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Nail psoriasis – This condition alters the look of the toenails because they change color, shape, get thick and develop pinprick holes. They can hurt and be tender but they are treated with medicine. Visit a podiatrist for the best nail care tips which is the best way to treat nail psoriasis.

Taking good care of the nails could prevent some nail abnormalities. Some tips include avoiding biting or tearing at your nails, always trim nails after you bathe because they are still soft and use clippers, always keep your nails clean and dry and trim the nails straight across, and round the tips gently. If your nails are weak or brittle keep them short always to avoid breakage. Use nail lotions to keep the nail beds and nails moisturized. Ensure that your nail technicians use proper sterilization techniques every time you get a manicure or pedicure. Do not use nail polish removers and nail polish over the long-term. Always visit a foot and ankle specialist near Cypress Tx for toenail care tips and proper diagnosis of the toenail conditions.

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