If you’re considering printing a notebook, whether to promote a business, give as a gift, or simply because you enjoy fun design projects, strongly consider printing a spiral-bound notebook instead of any other type.

You may not think there’s much difference between various types of notebooks. This is understandable. However, in reality, spiral-bound notebooks offer key benefits that other types of notebooks can’t. They include the following:

Pages Can be Opened a Full 360 Degrees

Spiral-bound notebooks are the only type whose pages can be opened 360 degrees. This can make them more convenient than notebooks that limit how far you can open up the pages. There’s a reason reporters often use spiral-bound notebooks when getting quotes from sources.

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Pages Stay Open

Many types of notebooks have what’s known as spinal tension due to their bindings. This can cause a range of minor but annoying problems. For instance, you may have noticed that some types of notebooks don’t stay open unless you force them to remain open by holding them down.

This isn’t the case with spiral-bound notebooks. Spiral binding is a unique method that allows pages to stay open on their own.

Spiral-bound Notebooks are Versatile

The coils that bind pages together in spiral-bound notebooks come in a wide range of sizes. That means spiral-bound notebooks can be very small, very large, and any size in between. You have less freedom to determine the size of a notebook when printing a different type.

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Spiral-bound notebooks can also serve a wide range of purposes. For example, a spiral-bound notebook could serve as a sketchbook, a calendar, and much more.

Spiral-bound Notebooks Allow for Index Tabs

Again, there are a number of reasons you may be choosing to print your own spiral-bound notebook. Maybe you’re putting together a reference document, such as a book of recipes.

If so, you might want to include tabs to separate sections of the notebook. This will make finding a certain page much easier. Spiral-bound notebooks are ideal for this purpose.

Spiral-bound Notebooks Allow You to Easily Remove Pages

You may one day wish to remove a page from your notebook. There are plenty of reasons this can happen. Maybe you made an error on a page, and you don’t want it to distract you when you reference your notebook later.

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When you attempt to remove a page from another type of notebook, usually, you won’t be able to remove the page entirely. A torn sliver of it will typically remain. When you remove a page from a spiral-bound notebook, you can remove the entire page with little difficulty.

Spiral-bound Notebooks Have Unique Covers

The covers of spiral-bound notebooks can be quite thick when compared to other types of notebooks. This allows for an impressive degree of durability. It can also give you the freedom to design a unique and visually dynamic cover if you wish to do so.

Just make sure you’re working with a reputable printing company when ordering spiral-bound notebooks. Although this type of notebook is superior to others, some spiral-bound notebooks are more impressive due to the quality of the printing service used to create them.

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