One fantastic thing about betting online is the vast number of sports and wagering options available. However, every experienced punter knows that you just don’t wager on every sporting game at the sportsbook. Instead, there are some sports you should focus on mainly because of their potential payouts and rewards. 

For instance, nascar betting odds are one of the best you will find at top-notch sportsbooks. The game itself has several positive talking points that make it a worthy option for a punter. In this article, we have listed the five most rewarding sports to bet on.

1. Auto Racing – NASCAR 

2. Football

3. Hockey- National Hockey League (NHL)

4. Basketball- Basketball Association (NBA)

5. Baseball- Major League Baseball (MLB)

6. Cricket Indian Premier League (IPL)

Auto Racing (NASCAR) 

Auto racing is a valuable sport that often comes with big odds and impressive payouts. While there are several auto racing competitions in a year, NASCAR is perhaps the most powerful and important. Many bookies now offer NASCAR odds, so wagering on this game won’t be difficult.

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In NASCAR, you can wager on exclusive options like outright winner bets, podium finish bets, finish prop bets, matchups or head-to-head and many more. These wagers give you a better chance of winning real money. 


Of course, our list would not be complete without including football. Due to its numerous options and large global following, football is perhaps the most popular option available at a sports betting site. You will be glad to know that football betting can be highly rewarding too. 

Virtually every country has several football leagues. As such, never a day goes by without any available matches to stake on, and they come with hundreds of betting opportunities. The list is simply endless, from money line bets to over/under and prop bets. 

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There are tons of information and free betting tips available for bettors about this game, making it easier for newbies to understand and bet on it. 

Hockey- National Hockey League (NHL)

While the game has been around for ages, many bettors don’t think about investing their bets in it. However, hockey is among the most rewarding sports to bet on because of its incredible market variety. The National Hockey League is perhaps the most popular hockey event you should consider when wagering on this sport.Betting lines with potential payout include Money Line, Parlays and Prop Bets.

Basketball -National Basketball Association (NBA)

Basketball is second to football in terms of popularity. The NBA is the most important league in this sport, with millions of fans who follow their matches to the final stages. This high level of following also accounts for the numerous bets wagered on the NBA every day. Another reason is that the NBA also offers a wide range of betting lines with the potential to win big. 

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Baseball- Major League Baseball (MLB)

Baseball is one of the most followed sports with millions of fans worldwide. Although the game may seem complicated to new sports bettors, when you get a good understanding of the sport, you will be able to predict the winners and make a considerable profit. 

Cricket Indian Premier League 

Cricket is also another worthy addition to this list. The game is especially popular in India, however, has considerable fans in other parts of the world. Apart from many bookmakers offering this sport, it is also quite engaging to watch. 

But really, we recommend it for its great odds. It’s also pretty easy to learn the game and wager on it. 

The types of cricket bets available include; tournament winner, series winner, series score, match winner, innings run, tied match and many others.

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