Since establishing the first professional team for the MLB on March 15, 1869, countless players have graced the baseball diamond. While most have had a stable professional career with trophies here and there, others have been exceptional enough to write their name in gold.

Many players have shown incredible performance, beating mlb lines and inking their names in the league’s history books. Aside from reflecting on the timeline and how the game has evolved over the years, it’s also thoughtful to acknowledge some players whose performances marketed the league and made it what it is today. Several sports platforms, such as BetUS, all ring their names.

Top 3 Players in MLB History

Here are 3 top players in MLB history:

Babe Ruth

The undisputed Babe Ruth’s name has to pop up first. It’s easy to make an impact when you’re a sports star, but not every day you see someone become a sporting hero. His exploits in the New York Yankees were pivotal in creating the popularity we’re witnessing in national baseball today.

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Many sports will have different opinions about who’s the best based on the era they played; Babe made sure baseball wasn’t one of them if it wasn’t already a team sport.

Throughout his career, he played primarily as a right fielder/left fielder for the Boston Red Sox (1914-19), New York Yankees (1920-34), and the Boston Braves (1935).

Willie Mays

Whichever way you arrange a list of the top three best MLB players, it’ll be sacrilege not to mention Willie Mays. Willie personified the centerfielder role, and he was the perfect example of a five-tool player.

He is believed to be the most complete baseball player ever to step on the field. Of course, there are no arguments when his stellar performance earned him 12 consecutive Gold Glove Awards. While most pundits will claim most five-tool players were popular because of their skill set, Willie took that to another level that’s still unmatched up to date.

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The center fielder had a fantastic career playing in the Negro Leagues for Birmingham Black Barons (1948), New York/San Francisco Giants (1951-72), and the New York Mets (1972-73).

Ted Williams

There’s always a debate about who’s supposed to come in third, Ted Williams or Barry Bonds. Well, we’ll pick Ted Williams for this list. Meanwhile, you can’t really fault the decision of having him in third, seeing that he’s the greatest left-field player ever to play the game.

As a pure hitter, you expect some average performance, but not Ted; a man who believes to have mastered the “Science of Hitting.” Today, people can only wonder about the extra awards he would have added to his shelf if he played the two-season in 1952-53. However, this wasn’t going to happen as he was drafted for the Korean War.

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Ted played with the Boston Red Sox throughout his career, which spanned from 1949 to 60.


Many great players are not mentioned here; the three-person list is a very tight one. If you’re a fan of the likes of Barry Bonds, Honus Wagner, Rogers Hornsby, and even the best of first basemen Lou Gehrig, don’t take it to heart. A three-person list selection from thousands of outstanding players to have played the sport is bound to have some sections of the crowd raise eyebrows. 

For decades, we’ve seen many players grace the base diamond. Many pundits attribute some successes to just good form. Getting a grip on the whole story will make you attribute their accomplishments to true excellence. Nowadays, you can take the game a step further and bet on your favorite player.

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