Wrist straps are used to allow lifters to focus their strength on the pull versus focusing on the grip. Some people say that it’s “cheating.” From their perspective, the point is somewhat valid given that wrist straps are not allowed in powerlifting competitions. However, it is important to realize that people do not use wrist straps just to cheat the system; it actually has a significant purpose.

The purpose of using wrist straps is to focus more on improving your ability to lift heavier weights and minimizing fatigue in your wrist. As experts have mentioned, there are other opportunities for a weightlifter to strengthen their grip. It’s all about proper prioritization and pacing.

Power grips are a unique innovation developed by Gunsmith Fitness to significantly improve your grip. You no longer have to worry about your grip giving out. Now, you can funnel all your energy into contracting your muscle and growing your gains.

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Let’s go through the reasons why you should absolutely use Power Grips.

Heavier Weights

When you start lifting heavier weights, there is a high chance of being fatigued. When the fatigue sets in your form will start to deteriorate and injury is more likely to happen. This is where wrist straps become highly beneficial. With the use of straps, you can maintain heavier weights than your grip can normally handle. You may be into Crossfit, powerlifting, or bodyweight – Power Grips will make sure that you are in top condition. 

Moreover, even though our wrist has strong muscles, it is extremely prone to experiencing fatigue. This means that it will also lead to grip failure and a lack of gains. As a result, it will also cause the fatigue of your leg and back muscles, and we do not want that as serious weightlifters. With wrist straps, we will minimize the chances of fatigue and injuries kicking in.

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With power grips, you minimize or even eliminate the hassle of carrying more equipment and accessories in your gym bag. Power Grips is an all-encompassing innovation that will serve multiple purposes: lifting gloves, wrist wraps, support, hooks, etc. Since this will significantly improve your grip, you can stop worrying about your grip and focus on getting gains.


 In the market, there are built from materials that are uncomfortable to use. These are low-quality, deceiving products that are advertised in a way that they aren’t in real life. However, this is not the case with the Power Grips – comfortability was at the top of our priority. With this comfort, you can focus more on achieving your personal weightlifting goals.

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More than the comfortability, Power Grips are superior in quality and insanely durable. It can handle the stress of weightlifting for years!

Final Thoughts

If you are serious about weightlifting and you tired of being stuck at where you are performing right now, you should consider giving Power Grips a try. This will give you the ability to go to the next level – lift heavier weights and achieving your personal goals. More than that, it is the best quality wrist straps in the market and it’s extremely convenient to bring to the gym.

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