Skill or knowledge is never useless. We also know that this statement is precise in the case of exposing coding to kids. This is more like cycling, swimming, teaching, cooking, etc. to kids; as we present our kids with more and more unique skills, it will help them to be more independent and self-confident.

Also, in today’s world, there are countless reasons why knowledge of computers is a crucial aspect of learning in schools. Yes, technology is everywhere, and it guides students to survive and attain success in any future career or business world they choose. So,along with some other academic subjects, if the kids gain acquaintance with computer coding, it will undoubtedly help them in their profession. So here are seven myths about kids exposing to coding are as below:

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Age for the kids:

Some parents think that in the age group of 4-10 years, kids are too young to understand coding, but that is not true. Parents will have to understand that coding is like any foreign language and that for learning any language, sooner the better. So, this is the best age for the kids to understand new concepts, memorize new vocabulary, and relate notions and things; according to some researchers, the benefits of coding include elevation of critical and creative skills, reasoning aptitude. Hence there is no harm for the kids if they are taught coding during childhood.

Coding for kids with a high IQ and should not be taught as a general training:

Some people have made a picture of a software engineer in their minds. They perceive them as an introvert, shy, less prone to outdoor activities, etc. But this is not always true. So all the kids, irrespective of their personality traits, be it a girl or boy, should learn to code. Coding will enhance their communication skills, problem-solving capabilities. The kids will also learn the importance of coding – team and teamwork, hence seek to collaborate with others.

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Only gifted kids can learn to code:

This is one of the biggest myths, not only in the case of coding but in other aspects of life. Proper guidance, learning, and practice are the keys to master any skill or art. This applies in the applied tech classes for kids as well. They can start with user-friendly games and can move on to more specific programs. Also, each child has a different learning pace. So teachers should monitor the performance of every child.

Coding lessons are tedious and expensive:

People often perceive the programming work as monotonous, having no fun element involved in it. The foremost understanding you should possess is that this is not the case every time. It depends wholly on the teacher how to deal with boredom. He or she can make lessons more interactive and can also enhance the degree of freedom in solving problems. This, in turn, will undoubtedly improve the interest of the kids. Also, some perceive coding as a costly affair. But there are some cost cuttings ideas which can make it budget-friendly.

Too much importance given to the language:

Parents often get confused regarding the choice of coding language to be taught at their initial level of learning. This can lead to a condition of chaos among the parents as well as the kids. So it is advisable to start with online coding classes for kids. Then gradually, as the kids get involved in different projects, they learn the basics of different methods. Once mastered, it becomes effortless for children to register the choice of their project and the technique required to execute it.

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Girls shouldn’t learn how to code

There is a common misconception that young girls should not learn to code because coding is a man’s job. This is changing, as more and more women chose to program as their profession. The small percentage of women in the coding classes for kids should not discourage you from allowing your daughter to learn how to program.

You need a Computer Science Degree to be a programmer.

There are lots of stories out there of great computer programmers that dropped out of college and went onto attain great success; nevertheless, many people still believe they need a 4-year degree to enter the world of programming.

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