Several factors can affect the first start of the car. So that it is not necessary to change parts just to test, take careful note. You may need to seek a local locksmith if you have lost your car keys somewhere.

Among the most frequent mechanics inquiries that this section receives are those related to the difficulties that drivers have to start their engines cold, without distinction of age, brand, and technology that their cars incorporate.

In general, these concerns are accompanied by a series of erroneous diagnoses and processes, carried out in authorized or generic workshops, where they change everything except what really affects the operation of the ignition. Below we clear up some of the most common doubts:

The engine does not start
There are several reasons why the engine does not start. The two main ones, electricity so that spark reaches the spark plugs, and gasoline to charge the injectors. To know if there is current, just put a screwdriver on the spark plug wire and bring it close to a metal part so that a spark will jump. Watch out for the blow!

Electrical damage
To find the problem, every reputable shop has a scanner by which the mechanic can be guided to find out where the problem or fault is, which could be a loose wire, a fuse, dirt in a connector, or a faulty sensor.

And the spark plugs?
When a spark plug fails there is a unique symptom: the engine loses that cylinder. But if several are inactivated at the same time, the problem is due to an external agent (oil or gasoline) soaking and isolating them. If it is oil, the engine must be repaired, but if it is fuel the mixture must be corrected. 

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Injector Problems
To know if the injectors are working correctly, they sound. Its cleaning is usually done when they have a lot of accumulated mileage and it is done through an ultrasound machine, in a specialized site, which in turn establishes if the injector is faulty or not. 

Battery fault
If it doesn’t have enough voltage, the motor just won’t start. Another frequent reason has to do with the state of the battery terminals, which may be dirty, deteriorated, or loose, and making a bad contact will cause the current flow not to be the best, even if the battery is charged. If the dashboard lights do not come on, do not try to start the engine because the computers are idle. You have to start it.

The first ignition
Regardless of the make, age, and technology of the vehicle, the first ignition of the day is often difficult because it requires an additional dose of fuel. In carbureted vehicles it is more noticeable and is achieved with the ‘choke’, by means of which a butterfly is operated that limits the air intake, leaving a rich mixture of fuel in the carburetor. Usually, the driver supports this operation with some ‘flip flops’ that generate a supply of short jets of pure gasoline to the intake duct. However, when this operation is exaggerated, all that raw gasoline ends up reaching the cylinders and the engine does not start because it is “flooded”.
In injection engines, this procedure is not required, because it is the temperature sensor that informs the computer how much mixture is required for ignition and keeps idling as stable as possible from the first turn of the machine.
This condition must be taken advantage of immediately to start the vehicle and make the engine warm in working conditions and not static, as this is highly detrimental to its life as the oil is diluted and it becomes fat. If by any means, you are not able to start your engine because of ignition failure, you can search on Google as, ‘Locksmith near me’ and get it repaired and replaced it economically.

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High voltage coils and cables
The function of the coil is to transform the low voltage current stored in the battery and produced by the alternator into a high voltage current that travels through the high voltage cables, which are responsible for transporting it to the distributor and from there to each one of the spark plugs. This energy is essential to ignite the air-gasoline mixture present in each of the cylinders by means of the spark plugs, which produce the necessary spark for the ignition of the compound. Today many variants are used, such as independent coils per cylinder, community and the orders that the distributor previously gave of the spark jump moment together with the advance of the same are now made by the computer when comparing all the information that comes from the sensors and that is processed in what is called “the map” of the ignition, or of the mixture.

Will it be the start?
When this device does not rotate fast enough, the car engine does not start. If you turn the key and there is a noise like something metallic being dragged or the engine ignition is slow, it is very likely that the starter is beginning to “stick out”.

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